Lucie Loves… Food // [Wo]man versus food #ExtremeGrilling challenge: Super-sized chilli dogs 


Always one for trying new foods, we were excited when my friend Pauline bought us a pack of ginormous Herman Ze German sausages. But I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them…

When the guys at George Foreman got in touch - asking if I’d be up for a bit of #ExtremeGrilling, I rose to the challenge, like any person with a rumbly stomach would. And then it struck me! I would attempt homemade chilli dogs!!!!

I like to think of the grill as being a bit like an indoor BBQ. I’m even wondering whether it’s possible to get a small portable battery pack so that we can take this thing on picnics. Let me know if you’ve tried it…

In London, we’ve got more American diner-style restaurants than you can shake a stick at! But I thought, as we’re in ‘saving-up-for-our-wedding’ mode it was about time that I attempted a ‘classic’ diner dish at home - it also meant that I could use up the remainder of the chilli that I’d cooked earlier in the week.

All you need is..

  • left-over chilli,
  • hot dog buns,
  • Herman Ze German sausages,
  • grated mature cheddar cheese,
  • home-made rosemary & garlic potato wedges,
  • and two very hungry people.

After donning my pinny, I popped our super-sized hot dog sausages onto the grill for a good 25 to 30-minutes, heating up the chilli in a pan, and letting the wedges cook in the oven, until they were done. We weren’t prepared for quite how spicy they’d be, and that’s before being topped with any chilli. So extra glasses of water are advisable! Mind you, they were delicious, massively filling and really easy to prepare. 


In the words of our good friend Trent Potter: It was a trip to tasty-town.

Thank you to George Foreman for supplying the grill and for letting my try my hand at being an American fast food chef. JMG commented that the grill was really easy to clean too - an extra bonus! 

Update: My mum just told me that they takes a George Foreman grill camping with them when they go away for the weekend to a site with an electric hookup. Nice!

Photography © Lucie Kerley / @jmgcreative