Lucie Loves… Food // Chosen Bun: The new kid on the burger block and what I got up to this weekend


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Happy Easter one and all!

Even if you’re just in it for the eggs, Easter, with its lovely bank holidays, is often a good time to catch up on all things important: sleep, friends, food and fitness. I’ve squeezed in quite a few of the aforementioned over the past couple of days.

Friday: I caught up with my good friend and ex-flatmate, Pauline, on a nattery 4km walk around Hampstead Heath, followed by a couple of hot beverages and pastries at Euphorium Bakery. Watched Goggle Box for the first time and laughed our heads off!

Saturday: JMG and I went for a run around the streets of Richmond, then rewarded ourselves with two big fat sausage and egg bagels and swiftly devoured a surprise scrumptious Hotel Chocolat bunny that his mum had kindly popped in the post for us. I watched as JMG edited a short film of the Joe Wilson Fireworks for Dead Men exhibition and we caught up on some TV shows.

Sunday: I put my rollers in, did my hair all nice, and then got caught in the rain and looked like a drowned rat by the time we arrived at our friend Will’s house, where we ordered our first ever Chosen Bun burgers…

So, Chosen Bun, what is it?

Having tried many London burger joints over the past couple of years, it was only after doing a quick search through my inbox on Sunday, whilst catching up on a bit of blog admin, that I realised I’d missed an opportunity to add a new one to my ever-lengthening list.

Chosen Bun, is located on Fulham Road, or in SW6 if you prefer to go by postcode. How is it different from any other London-based burger place? Unlike the others, it delivers, literally: it’s a takeaway. You can either pick-up your order or get a driver to bring it right to your door.

When JMG read out the Chosen Bun story, it became rather apparent that Andy and Pete had done the homework, or should I say, put in the burger-related legwork, needed to get it right.

They’ve taste-tested approximately 1000 beef patties over the course of 10-months, and have chomped their way through 10 different types of lettuce, 12 types of pickled gherkin, dozens of different buns, 30 different onion ring recipes, and 50 triple-cooked chip recipes.


I was intrigued to say the least, and I do like an effort-maker… but I was still wondering how on earth would they ‘deliver’ a decent quality burger with crisp lettuce on an un-soggy bun? As it turns out: it’s all in the specially designed packaging!

First-impressions: the Chosen Bun brand is very cool. If I were to read its online dating profile, it would almost certainly describe itself as having a GSOH. You can’t help but smile when you read their menu. They even sell cow-shaped merch on the menu!

We salivated over the burger choice - prices start at £7.75, and eventually settled on the following burger, side dishes, drinks and puddings:

  • 1 x The Viking burger
  • 1 x The Shoveman burger
  • 1 x Chilli Winston burger
  • 1 x Belgians (chips)
  • 1 x Mark and cheese bites
  • 1 x Broccoli jezamine slaw
  • 1 x Omyeung rings
  • 2 x Chocolate miller (brownies) 
  • 2 x Ferrero Roshakes (proper posh milkshake)
  • 1 x coca cola
  • 1 x Phish Food ice-cream

There was a LOT of food! The delivery driver rang the buzzer and we couldn’t get to the door fast enough! Turned out, we’d all not eaten any breakfast and were absolutely ravenous!  The guy graciously carried our ginormous order up the 3 flights of stairs to Will’s flat, and began unpacking our goodies. We, and Freddy the house bunny, looked on in appreciation and we were handed jars of moonshake and shopping bags full of freshly cooked food! YESSSS!

We scrambled into the living room and took our places around the coffee table. One by one we opened up our pretty packages and sunk our teeth into tasty beef patties. Considering the time taken to drive from Chosen Bun HQ to Will’s flat, climb up three flights of stairs and then wait 5-6 mins as we unpacked/photographed/filmed it all, the burgers were warm, the lettuce was crisp and their wasn’t a soggy bun in sight. 


The burgers were very generous in size, as were the side dishes, which was good as these aren’t cheap eats. When I say generous, I mean, generous: we ate at 3pm and then didn’t eat another morsel (bar a bit of Chocolate miller brownie) for THE REST OF THE DAY! We loved Chosen Bun for the experience and the taste. If we could have changed anything, it would have been to have the burgers a bit hotter on arrival, but given that we’d had them chauffeur driven to our door, they were still very good. 

Total bill came to £63 (£21pp*), so similar to eating out really, but worth the indulgence if you fancy a lazy night in, or perhaps a date-night with a difference. Only downside is that they don’t deliver to our address, we had to go to our friend’s to fall within the catchment area :-(

*Thanks to Andy at Chosen Bun for letting us taste your wares!

Photography © Lucie Kerley

Film + Edit © jmgcreative

Please note: No bunnies were hurt in the making of this film