Lucie loves... Travel // This summer @jmgcreative and I went on a Greek Island Hopping holiday we’ll never forget


Part one // Starting off in Mykonos…

I’ve decided that, for the next few Thursdays, as the cold weather sets in, I’m going to warm myself up - and hopefully you guys too - with a few shots of beautiful Greece.

Last year we ventured to Skiathos and I did a little blog post review about it too. We love Greece and so decided to look at what other islands we could go to.

We booked this summer’s trip with Greek Sun Holidays. It cost around £1283pp, which included our flights, B&B for 14 nights in basic, but still rather lovely, Greek hotels and all of the transfers (taxis and ferries) - excluding a short ferry journey between Paros and Antiparos, which only cost about 1 Euro 20 cents per person, each way. 

We booked our trip just before Christmas 2012 and paid off the holiday, bit by bit. The guys at Greek Sun were brilliant at organising our itinerary. They asked all the right questions to find out which of the islands we’d enjoy spending our time on the most.

What we were after:

  • Great food
  • Not too many tourists
  • Real Greece
  • Nice beaches
  • Plenty to explore

Not too much to ask for, eh?

The islands we settled on were:

Mykonos > Naxos > Paros > Antiparos > Santorini.

We flew with Easy Jet from Manchester Intl airport, having got up at the ungodly hour of 4.15am to catch our 7.05am flight to Mykonos. Once there we would catch our first ferry over to the island of Naxos. However, on the return leg, our flights would be from Santorini.

Our weary bodies sighed at the sight of the sparkling aquamarine sea stretching out from the Mykonos coastline, set against the sugarcube-white houses and restaurants lining the port.

We got a bite to eat at a restaurant on the seafront called Alegro - the perfect way to introduce ourselves to island life. We nattered over a bowl of calimari, bread and olive oil, caprese buffalo mozzarella salad, tomato and pesto and homemade chips to share. Yum! Greek potatoes are very good.

Total cost for two people, including a pint of Mythos and a Caipirinha cocktail, was 53 euros. Not cheap, but well worth it to get into holiday-mode.

Photography © Lucie Kerley