Lucie Loves... Travel // #TBT Our Greek Island Hopping holiday continued


Part two // Starting off in Mykonos…

I’d always wanted to visit this island. I’ve spent many a fantasy moment imagining what it’d be like to wander the island to the sound of the Fleetfoxes crooning in my ear. Of course, they’d be singing the song Mykonos. It’s dreamy!

We had about four hours to enjoy the port of Mykonos. And spent it wandering in and out of little side streets, admiring the old doors, and gawping at shops like Louis Vuitton and Topshop - places I DIDN’T expect us to stumble across on a small Greek Island. It felt like the Greek equivalent of Cannes; I had to be dragged away, reminding myself I wasn’t there to buy more clothes.

We ended up we stopping off for Fro-Yo, sunbathing on a wall by the sea and then sipping a few cocktails and bottles of Sol at Blu Blu lounge cafe bar on the Old Port, thinking:

“This. Is. The. Life.”

Mykonos felt like a really young, pleasant and classy island. But with its 10 euro cocktails, it is one of the more expensive of the Greek Islands. With a smattering of loved up couples, holding hands and walking off last night’s hangover. Mykonos prides itself on playing host to a great party scene and attracting a very diverse group of holiday revellers. It’s a very gay-friendly place, which is nice. I’m kind of gutted we weren’t there for the night really, the bars and music scene looked like a hoot! Can anyone testify to a proper good night out on Mykonos?

And so, with life back home slowly becoming a more distant memory, we slung our backpacks on and headed off to board the ferry to Naxos.

To be continued next Thursday. #TBT

Photography © Lucie Kerley