Lucie Loves… home // Making a statement with industrial style lighting from Out There Interiors


As many of you will know, we’ve recently moved into our new London home. This means we’re surrounded, once more, by items we love and can get excited about adding to that collection until we eventually move into our Grand Design (we can dream). 

JMG and I favour the offbeat. We both come from creative backgrounds and have a huge love for Design. I’m a photographer and JMG’s a filmmaker. So I suppose it’s those aspects of our personalities that we like to celebrate and weave into our little home.

Along with collecting pieces by our favourite artists, our favourites books and magazines, we collect a few other more eccentric items.

We love to create ambiance. You’ll rarely see the main (read as: big) light on in our place. It’s all about low-level lighting. I’ve an obsession with scented candles and have somehow managed to burn my way through the two Jo Malone ones, that I was bought for my birthday, in less than a month. Oops! But our place does smell great.

So, when Jenny from a specialist home interiors store got in touch and asked if I’d like to style a piece from their home collection, I was more than happy to get involved. I was immediately drawn to their lighting selection and, in particular, the Arrow Wall Light. Which is described on their site as an “amusing arrow-shaped wall light.” How novel!

The light is about 50cm in length and has red metal sides and in-built LED lights behind a sheet of grey mesh. It takes 2 x AA batteries and is priced at only £35. A bargain when you think of how much people sell these industrial-style lights/signage for on eBay.

If you have more money to splash out on lighting, check out their Alphabet Lights. *SWOONS*

I played around positioning it in the fireplace and also on top of an old radio on the mantlepiece. It looks really cool, even when it’s not switched on. I’m really happy with the new addition to our lovely home.

Thank you, Out There Interiors, for giving me the opportunity to select a piece to style. I hope my readers like it as much as we do.

I just hope our next place has got a garden. I’d quite like to buy one of their life-size garden animals.

My dad used to have a 7ft tall carving of a Chinese fisherman in his conservatory, you can see where I get it from…

Photography © Lucie Kerley