Lucie Loves… Portobello Road // #Photoblogged | Lusting after tweed coats and silk scarves @StumperFielding and scoffing @HBBNottingHill red velvet cupcakes


If you haven’t yet found time to visit Portobello Road, which is essentially a quaint little street in Notting Hill, you must! It’s such a pretty part of London and fast becoming one of my favourites. I cycled their recently with our good friend Tom and my beloved, JMG.

My Pashley Princess

We were shattered after cycling the 7.4 miles it took to get us their from our place in West London. About 45 minutes to be precise. My bike, a lovely little Pashley Princess is quite the beast. It’s mega heavy which means that it takes some stamina if cycling long distances (and you haven’t ridden it in a year!)

I was last on Portobello Road about 6 months ago. I spent the afternoon wandering around with my camera and snapping some photos for my blog.

We discovered a fantastic store that specialises in vintage menswear and curiosities called Stumper & Fielding. It’s a MUST shop for lovers of beautiful silk scarves, Harris tweed, gentlemens umbrellas, fancy hats and amazing leather brogues. I seriously had to restrain myself from spending £48 on the fancy paisley silk scarf in the window and decking myself out in a swish new ladies coat. Even the shop assistant was one of the most elegantly dressed men I’ve ever set eyes on. If The Sartorialist had walked down that street he certainly would’ve snapped a shot of his outfit for the blog. 

We ended our wander by stopping off at the Hummingbird Bakery. I treated JMG and Tom to one of their famous red velvet cupcakes and a coffee. Delicious!

What other London markets should I add to my ‘must-visit’ list? I’ve been to Columbia Road and have now also tried Borough Market and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

Photography © Lucie Kerley