Lucie Loves… Christmas // #Blogged | Making our house a home with some brand new festive decorations


My new decorations from Anthropologie on King’s Road, Chelsea, and Graham and Green, off Portobello Road, as pictured above:

  1. Glitzy critter decoration, east London hipster rabbit (top)
  2. Marbled bauble
  3. Molly Hatch landmark bauble, New York taxi
  4. Festive hues bauble, blue
  5. Pop dot monogram ‘J’ decoration
  6. Shiny peacock feather bauble
  7. Pewter ‘L’ bauble
  8. Jewelled peacock bauble
  9. Rotating silver plated bird
  10. Matte glitter peacock bauble

Over the next few evenings I’m going to be getting our box of decorations and fairy lights out of the loft ready to dress the house and christmas tree with my family when they come to stay this coming weekend. 

We’ve got a real assortment of christmas decorations and baubles. Some that are hand-me-downs from both JMG’s and my parents, an amazing little Chinese lantern off my nan and grandad (I think it’s over 30 years old now) and other sparkly wonders that I’ve purchased over the last few years. Some cheap and cheerful and others a little more luxurious. I’ll share some photos on the blog once I’ve styled it all.

When are you putting your tree up? Do you have any family traditions? Are you a real tree or a fake tree kinda person?

Photography © Lucie Kerley