Lucie Loves… Tech // #Blogged | Putting the Samsung WW9000 ecobubble touchscreen washing machine through its paces… or should that be cycles?


It’s been almost two weeks now since I blogged about our first impressions of the new Samsung WW9000 ecobubble washing machine, when it landed at my parent’s house. And when I say ‘landed’, I mean landed. This machine is literally space-age technology in comparison to the knobs and buttons they had on their old model.  

I went up to see them for the weekend whilst it was being installed and then came back down to London – fretting a little that I’d forced them into using a brand new machine that they might not have clue how to operate. Whilst the old model sits all redundant in the back garden.

Any way, this week I caught up with my mum to see how she was getting on. My mum’s the kind of woman that does, on average, 2-3 wash loads a day! Is this normal? I’m not sure. But then again, she lives with my step-dad and brother, and often looks after my little nephew – so there is always an endless pile of washing to plough through. 

One of the key features of the Samsung WW9000 ecobubble its ability to keep track of how much energy it’s consuming. It keeps a log of each cycle, along with the date and time it took place.

My mum had a lot to say about how experience of getting to grips with the Samsung ecobubble:

“I am absolutely delighted with my new Samsung washing machine! I am a self-confessed technophobe, but I’m finding it so easy to use. The touchscreen is self-explanatory and if you do happen to select the wrong washing cycle it is so easy to cancel, and programme in the correct cycle! I must confess that this was the thing I was worrying about the most and I needn’t have at all. 

I love the larger 10kg drum, which sits a full 25mm higher than most other washing machines, as I have back problems and I don’t need to bend right down to load and unload it. Another bonus is the fact that with the Auto Dispense feature, you don’t have to add washing detergent and fabric conditioner every time. This first time I used it I used a whole bottle of fabric detergent and half a bottle of fabric softener to fill to the maximum. Once you’ve done this, it will carry on dispensing until it runs out and even then it will alert you to the fact that it needs refilling. 

Also, this marvellous machine will even weigh and judge your wash load in order to choose the right amount of detergent to needed to wash your clothes properly. It will also adjust your cycle if it thinks that the wash load needs a longer or shorter time!

I could rave on about the ecobubble for hours, and I’ve only had it for a week so far! There are still some features that I’ve not yet used or mentioned yet, but one of the best things is that it stores your most used washing cycles so that you can programme it easily for your next use. It also gives you a huge choice of different washing cycles: a ‘Gardening’ option that will adjust the settings to clean tough stains such as grass and mud.  While the ‘Cooking & Dining’ cycle will deal with any stubborn food and grease marks that every family faces on a weekly basis. Other specialty cycles include ‘Hygiene Care’, ‘Active Sports’, ‘Active Kids’ and ‘Working & Everyday’, with a quick-wash option if you need to speed things up a bit.

The fact that you can operate it from an app on your iPhone is the cherry on this fancy machine’s cake. Imagine… sitting on the bus and pressing pause on your wash load because you’re running late… Oh the glamour! I am washing everything in sight.  I love it!!!!”

In the space of a week my mum has become the envy of all her friends. This washing machine has proven quite the talking point and it washes things brilliantly! She has also commented that her fabric detergent and softener are lasting much longer than usual. First there was hand washing, then twin tubs, the automatics but this is definitely light-years beyond that.

When we eventually move into our own place, at some point in the hopefully not-so-distant future, I know that we will invest wisely in home technology in order to make our busy lives easier.

Disclaimer: Thank you to the Samsung press office for giving us the opportunity to test out Samsung’s WW9000 ecobubble washing machine.