Lucie Loves… Fashion // #Blogged | First look at Kelly Love AW14 Wanderlust part four


These photos are the last from the Nokia #1020Spotlight series that I shot with Sylvain Deleu.

However, I didn’t do a colour-me-beautiful type consultation with a stylist to find out what colours suited me best. But if you are struggling to find your perfect hue specialists are on hand to help.

Over the years I’ve tried on that many clothes in varying styles, colours and sizes that I now just wear whatever I feel comfortable in. 

You can rarely go wrong with a classic shift dress. However, I must admit, I do tend to be drawn towards a particular colour palette.

Autumnal shades are my sartorial go-to. Being a (faux) redhead I find that colours like tan, tomato-red, burnt-orange, olive-green, nude, and marmalade/mustard suit my hair and complexion. Knowing this makes shopping for things that suit so much easier. It also steers me away from my fashion no nos: pastel colours like lemon and lilac (they wash me out). 

I like clothes with personality, and this pretty orange shift dress is a perfect AW14 wardrobe staple. It’s a great example of how being brave with colour, if done correctly, can result in a simple, yet sophisticated look. It’s easy to step up daywear like this for a an evening of cocktails by pairing with some great heels and an equally bold lip.

What I wore: orange wool Sky at Dawn dress from Kelly Love’s AW14 collection, Nela sneakers from Lama Peach and Marc by Marc Jacobs 350s Havana sunglasses.

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All photos featured were shot by Sylvain Deleu using only a Nokia Lumia 1020 and natural light.