Lucie Loves... Food // My #AlproTops breakfast challenge - day four


What I had…


  • 1 x glass of orange juice
  • 2 x tbsp Alpro strawberry & rhubarb soya yoghurt
  • ½ x kiwi - sliced
  • 2 x strawberries - sliced
  • ½ x banana - sliced
  • 1x tsp Chia seeds

A breakfast fruit salad with a super-food twist. I felt super-healthy eating this dish!

I’m terrible at buying fresh fruit, so really had to make a concerted effort during the blogger challenge to make sure that I had an assortment of fruit in the house so that I could make up some interesting, photogenic - and, more importantly, tasty combinations!

It’s having tiny pots of super-food goodies is definitely something that would be easy to recreate at home. You could stock up on big bags of nuts and seeds and then decant them into smaller tupperware-style boxes to take to work and scatter on your breakfast or lunch.

Make your own Alpro Tops combination of fruits, spices, seeds and fibres online here and you could win them:

Photography © Lucie Kerley