Lucie Loves... Food // My #AlproTops breakfast challenge - day five


What I had…


  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1 x glass of orange juice
  • 2 x tbsp Alpro strawberry & rhubarb soya yoghurt
  • 2 x strawberries
  • 1 tsp of dark chocolate flakes

Chocolate and double strawberry! Need I say more? A delicious start to the day. And dark chocolate is good for you so it’s far more guilt-free than you might think… Plus, it’s the end of the week so treat yourself!

My little nephew loved this combination. He’s a real strawberry fiend too. He was asking to try the other Alpro Tops flavours, but I wasn’t sure whether his palate was quite refined enough for Chia seeds or Goji berries… 

Did you know…

According to the people at FitDay, dark chocolate has many health benefits. It does all kinds of good things for your brain, heart and blood sugar!

I’ve throughly enjoyed my tasty breakfast toppers - it’s transformed my tastebuds into summer mode. Which of my Alpro Tops combinations have you liked most?

Share yours here and win some tasty toppings:

Photography © Lucie Kerley