Lucie Loves… Fashion // Hobbs London spring/summer 2014 collection: My favourite pieces and how to shop for wardrobe essentials - part two


I tried on so many lovely things during my visit to the Hobbs London in Covent Garden. I ended up with quite a few firm spring/summer favourites. But in terms of the way I like to shop, I have a few rules that I try and make myself stick to, which you might find useful.

Like something? 

1. Think: Can I afford it? Can I afford it right now? If yes, check against other rules on list and, if all is still well, proceed to the checkout! If no, try it on first and then sleep on it (not literally). If you’re still craving the purchase, wait until you can afford it and then go back and buy it when you’ve got the money. You might find that in the meantime something better has come up or that you’ve gone off it completely.

2. Think: What do I already own that would go with this? 

3. Think: Would I get pounds per wear out of this item? Or is it a ridiculous, impulse buy, that I will wear once and then leave at the back of my wardrobe?

4. Think: Do I already own anything that is vaguely similar to this? If so, why do I need another one?

5. Think: How can I justify this purchase? Am I going somewhere that I can wear it? Is it an occasion piece or a must-have, everyday essential item? Do my shoes have holes in, etc…

A note on wardrobe essentials…

Wondering what counts as an essential? Check out Anna's article on her blog, South Molton St Style. It’s a great post on how to put together the wardrobe pieces you need and help you frame the perfect look!

6. Try and get a feel for how the item might really look: If you’re shopping for a dress, skirt, shorts or pair of trousers that you know you’re going to be wearing heels with, be sure to take said pair of heels with you when you try the item on - either that, or ask a kindly shop assistant whether you can borrow a pair to try on in the changing rooms.

7. Still unsure? Ask a friend for their opinion.


Like a kid in a sweet shop full of pastel coloured treats…

As I walked around the store, I kept my shopping rules in mind but was still tempted by the beautiful pale blue trouser suit - it was unlike anything I owned. I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like on me: just to toy with the idea of what it could feel like to be the kind of girl that wears beautiful trouser suits to work. Alas! I’m not that kind of girl, but if I was, I’d been wearing this!

Of all of the shoes on show, I chose three strong contenders to mix and match with the pieces I’d plucked from the rails that would also compliment the things that I already had at home: the silver Agnes brogues, the rather masculine Walter brogues and the very chic Freya sandal.

What I wore… (From top - left to right)

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The pieces photographed are now available to shop online and instore at Hobbs London.

Photography © Lucie Kerley