Lucie Loves...#Blogged //  @RanieriComs Lifestyle Blogger Tech Event @SignalGallery - Part One


“UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger” is a pretty broad term.

I guess you could say that I’m a photographer who predominantly blogs about ‘fashion’ because I choose to document my personal style through photos and tweets. I also write about the beauty products that I think are worth talking about and - as a passionate foodie – I also create blog posts on the places I’ve been to that have served me delicious food that I think other people need to taste too.

I blog about my own health and fitness - the gym classes and my running  - which form part of the latest challenge I’m undertaking. I’m training towardsNike UK’s - We Own The Night 10Kfemale only run which takes place at Victoria Park in East London on May 18th.

I also wear my photographer/blogger hat when travelling around on holiday. I like to explore the best of what the place I’m visiting has to offer - you can see my Skiathos holiday review here.

So, as you can probably guess, the kind of invitations I tend to receive usually revolve around: food, fashion or beauty. However, the people at Ranieri Communications got in touch and kindly invited myself and jmgcreative along to a Lifestyle Blogger Tech Event. Nice!

As the girlfriend of one of the biggest self-proclaimed tech geeks lovers I know, we had to pop along and see what it was all about.

It was, surprisingly, a rather fun evening, which consisted of being introduced to brand new bits of tech, gadgets and gizmos and being shown how to perfect the art of Mixology*. 

Check out JMG’s video below for a closer look at some of the brands that were on show at the event.

We sat down with our Moscow Mule cocktails and watched Chris from Ranieri talk about new Disgo Android Tablets and answe questions from Nigel aka The Red Ferret. We were also shown the MicroPod red bubble style bluetooth speakers by Scandyna - rather fitting for someone with an uber trendy Grand Designs worthy home. Everyone salivated over the Jabra headphones, and I nodded with approval at a rather stylish Mens’ Boa Courier 15 Bag by Booq - as modelled rather nicely by JMG.

Photography by © Lucie Kerley - Filmed & Edited by jmgcreative

(*That’s cocktail making for those of you who have not heard of this wonderful thing before.)