Lucie Loves... #Blogged // Meeting @Mixology Man - @RanieriComs Lifestyle Blogger Tech Event @SignalGallery - Part Two


Once we’d had our fill of tech talk we were shown how to master the art of cocktail making by our very own Mixology teacher.

As a lover of rum, whisky and mint based cocktails I was all ears when our Mixology teacher explained that if you bash up the fresh mint, that you’ve picked to flavour your cocktail, it will release something bitter from the leaves that will make your cocktail smell/taste like wet dog. Eurgh… What you are actually supposed to do it just cup the mint leaves in your hand and then clap once or twice to release the flavoured oils, and that’ll do just nicely! No need for bashing!!!

Also, you know that old myth about how putting too much ice in your drink will water it down… Is it true?


Turns out that whether or not you have one icecube in your drink or you have 8, if you put 2 shots on gin in there to start with, you will still have 2 shots of gin in there at the end. Simple.

The ice is to keep the drink cool, a cold drink prevents the ice cubes from melting and makes your cocktail stay cooler for longer.

Also, If you fold a paper napkin into a triangle shape, dip the corner in water and fasten it around the outer edge of your glass, it will not only look pretty, but it will also stop your warm hands from heating up your ice-cold beverage. 

We were shown how to make Elderflower and Mint Juleps, Mai Tai’s and also asked to create our own special recipe’s.

It’s always fun to add fire to the mix. We learnt how to set fire to some of the spirits and create a sparkly effect by dusting with cinnamon spice. It smelt amazing!

Mixology do fun Cocktail Masterclasses for all kinds of occasions.

Ranieri team you did good!

Photography © Lucie Kerley