Lucie Loves... What we did last night // Birthday celebrations @Floripa with my best friends!!!!


So Brazilian street food (see menu) was the order of the evening along with a suitcase of flaming booze-laden cocktail! Woo hoo! It was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday with one’s closest companions.

We booked a table for 15 hungry people at Floripa, after discovering the place on, and proceeded to eat chicken, ribs and prawns until they came out of our ears.

We tottered off for post-meal drinks to The Bricklayers Arms on Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, (another pub featured on Design My Night). It has a jukebox, serves Makers Mark and attracts quite a nice young crowd! Due to there being 15 of us we thought there might be a struggle for seats together. However, we managed to coerce a couple of chaps (thanks boys!) to move to another table across the other side of the room, so that we could all natter as one big group and have a seat each!

Me and the girls!

We stayed there for a few drinks (and apple sours…) and then mooched over to Catch, off Shoreditch High Street. It wasn’t quite the ‘Catch’ it made itself out to be. Literally. The bar staff were terribly rude and despite there being a some great songs to dance to… when the clock struck midnight… we looked on A-GOG as it turned into a GRIND FEST?!?! There were literally men grabbing at the women as they passed. They then proceeded to  dry-hump them, thrusting their hips to the music, and then they moved on to the next unsuspecting girl (read: alarmingly-willing ho-bag) DISGUSTING!!! If you want to get an idea of what I'm suggesting it was like… check out this video by Major Lazer - Pon De Floor….

 However, we had a grand old evening!

Our uni lot are THE BEST! 5 years on and our friendships are still going strong! I believe maintaining these friendships may be the secret to keeping us all 'young’.

University memories.

It feels like only yesterday that we were limboing under carpark barriers, dancing like crazy people at Snobs, rescuing friends from 'Bad Dates’ and hosting the most-impressive house-parties (if we do say so ourselves…). We are all united in the thought that we did have a bloody brilliant time when we all lived in Birmingham together, and even now, with our 'grown-up’ jobs, our long-term 'live-in’ partners and our ages fast becoming twenty-old as opposed to twenty-young, we are still as close as ever and make the most of our 4 times yearly meet-ups.

This time round we celebrated new jobs, promotions, an engagement and an upcoming feature in a glossy fashion mag! I’m as proud as punch of our dear friends and am so looking forward to the exciting times we have ahead of us.

And FINALLY Happy Birthday to our dear friends @solearysmith @stevejkcurley @madebyothers!!!

Thank you for the great mini-boozey cupcakes by Rayner (@letstryhard), and to our fabulous array of friends @plantsarah @marcosdot @larafugi @RozBeautique @jessica_barlow @MrChrisDeSouza @billyfinnegan & @natdunc (You were missed @jmgcreative, @sunileo86 & @leo_goddard and P).


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Photography © Lucie Kerley (and Sophie O'Leary-Smith)