Lucie Loves… Cocktails // #Triedandtasted | The Mixologist-at-home concept by Alexander & James


Indulging in Wednesday night cocktails but supposed to be taking part in “Dry January”? Perhaps you’ve got an epic party to plan but are stuck for a venue?

Here’s the sweetest ready-made, house party set-up I’ve ever been to, complete with it’s own mixologist, courtesy of Alexander & James.

I looked at the address on the invitation and made my way from Old Street station. I soon found myself alone, down a dark alley, in east London. Oh dear. I tentatively rang the bell and prayed that I had the right address. The door swiftly opened and I was ushered inside, my coat removed and my hand graced with a glass of bubbly.

Alexander & James pride themselves in turning living rooms into stylish, high-end looking bars. And oh my! they’d certainly chosen an excellent location to show-off the mixologist-at-home package to to us revellers.

Their packages can be tailored, so if you’re a whisky or bourbon lover like me, you’ll be able to choose a few of your favourite tipples and still make sure that you’ve got some other more common crowd pleasers on the menu.

I recently heard someone use the phrase ‘fine-drinking’ when it comes to  drinking/appreciating the art of a great cocktail. A rather apt term for describing this occasion.

Here’s a run-down of the party packages they offer. 

The Vintage collection: This collection toasts the legends behind some of the most famous drinks in cocktail history such as the James Bond Casino Royale inspired Vesper, Orson Wells favourite traditional Italian cocktail Negroni, the legendary Old Fashioned, the Cuban Daiquiri, the original version of the famous Margarita, and the British classic Gimlet. This classic package is sure to appeal to a variety of tastes.

Rare finds whisky tasting: Something for whisky lovers – enjoy the rare finds that are available at Alexander & James and get professional instruction to discover the spirits’ legacy and layers of flavour. This experience includes selections such as Rosebank 21 year old, Port Dundas 20 year old, Brora 35 year old, Dalwhwinne 25 year old, John Walker & Sons Odyssey and King George V which recreates the Johnnie Walker blending style of the time of King George V and is made with some of Johnnie Walker’s rarest stocks.

Modern craft: This package includes a menu of cocktails for the progressive and adventurous party host. Options here include aged, molecular and atmospheric cocktails. Molecular mixology brings science to the cocktail shaker to create new flavours, textures, and surprising presentations to enhance the overall drinking experience. Atmosphere cocktails play with the five senses to enhance the cocktail experience. Our expert mixologists will build modern craft cocktails that draw on the host’s preference of spirits, flavours and presentation.

Tiki tacky: Tiki bars are once again in vogue. This package turns a drab autumn evening into a captivating Tiki party with Mai Tais, Scorpions, the original Zombie and new recipes developed for the host. Served in pineapples, highballs and Tiki mugs. Wall to wall cocktail umbrellas optional.

Wildcard: This package allows creative hosts to cater to any audience. The host can determine and set the cocktail menu with the mixologist. From cosmo madness to speakeasy recipes and tequila cocktails, the only limitation is the host’s imagination.

How much does it cost to indulge in a mixologist-at-home?

The cocktails we tried on the night were Vesper Martini, Gimlet, and an Old Fashioned - my personal favourite! They were all skilfully mixed and a pleasure to drink. But it’s definitely not your 'I’ll-have-one-of-these-'dos-every-night’ type of things - unless you’ve got the cash.

Package pricing starts at £2,000 but does include spirits, mixers, accessories and glassware for a minimum of 12 people. Final prices will vary dependant on the group size and the costs of the items in the package.

I’m tempted to start looking into cocktail packages for our wedding next year - although I think trying to provide cocktails for over 150-200 people might prove a little too ambitious and blow our budget…

But who knows - perhaps a classic cocktail could replace your usual glass of prosecco or champagne post-ceremony? Nice idea…

iPhone 5 photography © Lucie Kerley