Lucie Loves... Travel // How to do a big old California road trip in just 11 days


You’ve heard people sing about it songs, probably seen it in films, many a music video and in dozens of Netflix TV* shows, but how does it compare in real life? 

*A few of my favourites include: Power Rangers, Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Sons of Anarchy, True Detective, and not forgetting my all-time favourite Californication – please tell me you’ve seen this?!! 


With its beautiful people, thousand dollar veneer-clad smiles, tanned and toned bodies a plenty, never-ending blue skies and incredibly diverse landscape – it’s a pretty damn special place. And being so, it’s no coincidence as to why this western U.S. state has people falling in love with it on first sight.

My trip to California came about after winning two free flights from the lovely guys at Popchips, as part of a a blog competition – read about it here. Yes, I’m very lucky.

I decided to take my friend Roz with me, as she was the one who helped me to win the competition. She’s very funny. I’m trying to get her to do stand up comedy, but she’s wedded to her blossoming career in e-commerce. Gah!

Anyway, with two free Virgin Atlantic flights to LA, and the ability to pick and choose where we wanted to go, we spoke to our friend, Marcos, who was also up for the trip of a lifetime.

We knew that we wanted to see as much of California as possible, but at the same time wanted to be realistic about not tiring ourselves out with too much driving.

Our #LucieLovesCali road trip itinerary:

  • Day 12 - Thursday // LA to Indio (Coachella)
  • Day 13 - Friday // Coachella
  • Day 14 - Saturday // Coachella
  • Day 15 - Sunday // Indio to La to San Francisco to London

Over the next few weeks I’ll be breaking down each section of our trip into digestible photo blog posts – to give you an idea of just how flipping amazing this sunny state is. Expect to read about where we stayed, what we ate, a bit of what I wore, and where we went.

Keep an eye on: for updates!

Photography © Lucie Kerley