Lucie Loves... Drink // Tia Maria X Grazia


I was really looking forward to attending the birthday celebrations of one of my favourite fashion magazines last week. It was to be a great night celebrating ten years of Grazia, and they sure did pull out all the stops!

Unfortunately, at last minute, I wasn’t able to attend but I knew who would love to go in my place… and write up a feature for you all to read. 

Jameshas recently been guest blogging on Lucie Loves and here is his piece about the event.

“Getting into the Christmas spirit - as a thirty two year old recent single - is difficult. Thinking back to this time last year, when my then partner and I were buying a tree, sending off RSVPs to parties and having friends over for our ‘Annual Christmas Jumper Cocktail’ party, is a stark contrast to where I am in my life now. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am in a much better head-space and my heart is healing well. But, you know how it is.

I decided that my Christmas plus one to parties and events this year were going to be fabulous cocktails. Don’t worry, I have no plans on being that person at the Christmas office party who gets loud and abusive – I don’t need a drink for that! Lol. 

When I read the invite to the Grazia 10th birthday party and saw that was being celebrated with a limited edition bottle of Tia Maria I was thrilled! 

The bottles for the collaboration come in three simple, yet stylish monochrome designs with a splash of red. They would make the perfect gift for a friend, look good under the tree and when added to the drinks trolley. 

Yes, ladies, it is ALL about the drinks trolley!


The party was being held at Tape London, a private members club on Hanover Square. Canapes were being served and drinks being prepared at the bar. And, of course, I was delighted to see that there were cocktails on the menu…

·         Tia Espresso Martini – Vodka, Espresso, Sugar Syrup and Tia Maria

·         The Frappe One – Tia Maria, Espresso, Milk & Whipped Cream

·         Grazia’s Tia-groni – Tia Maria, Gin, Campari & Sweet Vermouth

I met with my friend Erica at the event and we both decided to start our Christmas party season off with an Espresso Martini; it has been ages since I had a decent one, and for some reason, it felt like the right tipple to start such a busy season of partying and socialising with. 

Its presentation was exquisite and a perfect match for the packaged bottles which stood proudly behind the bar under the red neon lights. Music was provided by Krystal Roxx who delivered an excellent DJ set.

Erica and I spoke about our journeys into work, and what our “routines” were like: she loves reading about current affairs, keeping up to date with fashion trends and celebrity stories with substance (so always avoids the tabloid style news press). Every morning she has a coffee on the train as she dissects the latest edition of Grazia.

It is my office Christmas party this week and some of my lovely colleagues have asked me to be part of their ‘pre-party party’ … what will I be bringing with me? A bottle of Tia Maria of course! Tia Espresso Martini’s all round!!

 By James Barley aka @jimmybthirty2(@james_barley32)

Photo credits: Carla Dimare