Lucie Loves… Books // A three generation book review


Well India Knight, I can honestly say that three generations of my family enjoyed reading your latest book, Mutton.

I was contacted a couple of months ago by a lovely lady called Catherine, on behalf of Penguin Books, to see if I’d be interested in reading a copy. Being between books and desperately in need of some light-hearted escapism, I said yes.


“What’s a woman to do when she wakes up one morning and finds an enormous freak-wrinkle bisecting her forehead? When she walks past the buildings site and nothing happens? When she catches the eye of a nice young man and is rewarded with a kind, patient, for-granny smile?

Clara Hutt, 46, feels herself to be in her absolute prime. She is chipper. Her sap is rising mightily, as it happens. But then her friend Anna comes back from California and moves in with her. Anna is no stranger to Los Angeles’s more invasive cosmetic procedures. She may be pushing 50 but she looks 35. And Clara wonders: should she follow suit? A little Botox, a little filler, a little nip, a little tuck … but where to stop? And is nostril-waxing ever a good idea?”

What did I (aged 28) think?

I took it away with me to read whilst hopping around a few Greek Islands. It was funny, well written and definitely made me think about what I might do when everything starts to go south. I’m 28 and as the years zip by, I realise that I’m not going to be this young forever.

When I’d finished the book, I passed it on to my mum, Joanne.

What did my Mum (aged 47) think?

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a lady of a similar age to the main character, Clara, it struck a chord with regard to the cosmetic surgery versus growing old gracefully dilemma. The characters were very believable. I enjoyed the romance between Bernand and Gaby too. I would highly recommend this book, it was very easy to read.”

When my mum had finished with it, she then passed it on to my nan, Betty. 

What did my Nan (aged 66) think?

“I enjoyed this story. I could relate to all that she wrote. It made me laugh out loud at times - I’d highly recommend it to my friends. Will remember it for a long time, it made me think.”

The book has now been passed on to reader number four, my fiancé’s mum, Davina. 

It’s funny how cosmetic surgery can really divide people. I personally think that Sharon Osbourne looks fantastic. When I get to her age, and I (possibly) need a bit of help, I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at it. If I can afford it…

I believe, it’s a case of “everything in moderation” and don’t do it unless you can afford it.

India Knight Mutton

Read the opening pages from Mutton and see what you think. If you’re intrigued, find out more about India Knight’s Mutton.

(You can see the little pic of me, my mum and nan taken on my last visit to see them up north.)


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