Lucie Loves... Tech// #Triedandtested the Samsung UD590 ultra-high definition (more-than-just-for-gaming) 4K monitor

When asked to do a test drive of this delightful Samsung ultra-high definition 4K offering, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Used to spending my days editing photographs, blog posts and browsing the web on my 13” MacBook Air, I still can’t believe how big this thing is!

But sheer size alone does not a hero product make!

I wanted to see how the 4K display would handle our daily consumption of digital doings, and so lined up a stream of real-life activity and then watched with interest to see just how well it handled it all…


JMG couldn’t wait to do a bit of Gaming using the new monitor and was very impressed with its amazing graphics and 1-millisecond response time - surely something that improves his gameplay! There are also 2 HDMI* ports so that both a computer and a console can be plugged in at the same time. *Supports HDMI 1.4 (3840x2160, 30Hz) and Display Port 1.2 (3840x2160, 60Hz)

Film editing

Next off, we opened up Final Cut Pro and imported some footage from a short interview that we had recently shot with British designer, Dawson D Rose. Even when viewed in full-screen mode the image clarity was crisp and there was no delay during playback.


I then needed to check my inbox, and so, using the monitor instead of my laptop screen, I opened up a wall of emails and sifted my way through. So much to see! Even if your content isn’t 4K or full HD, the monitor doesn’t downscale, so there’s no loss in quality.

Facebook and FaceTime

Then it was time to catch up with friends and family, so we logged onto Facebook. Again, the 3840 x 2160 screen performed exquisitely. This was next-level Facebook viewing… practically cinematic! I’m not sure my mum would be too impressed at seeing her face blown up to 28" on this display. She swears FaceTime cameras aren’t known for their flattering imagery…


Once logged into Twitter, using the new Samsung 4K monitor proved to be quite an immersive experience, a real step up from squinting at my tiny iPhone or laptop screen. Even JMG’s retina display looked piffy in comparison to this beast! You could seriously lose hours reading through your newsfeed.

BBC iPlayer

After blasting through a few tweets, we then watched the Brazil vs Germany football match on BBC iPlayer. It was like we’d bought a new TV and - instead of installing it in the lounge - made a home for it in our office! Apparently, you can even plug in two different computers into the monitor and split the screen so that both are easy to see at a glance.


We decided to check out Kick The PJ’s new Grow Wild video ‘Bloom’ on YouTube, and again were amazed at how well the mega screen resolution lends itself to displaying beautifully saturated, and crystal clear images. 


I then pootled about updating 'Our Big Day’ secret Pinterest board. It’s a job trying to keep up with all of the things that need doing when your planning a wedding, so Pinterest in a must for keeping track of things/themes/photos that inspire us.


The queen of all things visual, Instagram looks pretty immense on this huge display. Its ultra-high resolution is 4 times greater than when viewed in full HD! Its billion colours enhance even your best Instagram pics! Looking back through my feed was quite nostalgic.


I spend quite a bit of time drafting up new blog posts, editing photos and writing copy to accompany them. The ultra-high definition monitor means that I can split the screen accordingly, and have all of the online resources that I need open at the same.

JMG says:

“ Because I’m using a retina display already, I was wondering what difference would be. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of text on screen and sharpness. 

Games may struggle on it as 4K compatible games aren’t really out at the moment. But for video footage and screen real estate it’s great. It's very easy to setup and has simple controls and menu interface.

It also comes with a HDMI lead whereas some screens don’t come with connections - you have to buy them separately.”

The Samsung U28D590D ultra-high definition monitor is priced around £480.00 and is available at stockists including: Samsung, OverclockerseStore, Currys PC World, Argos, eBuyers and Amazon

Disclaimer: Thank you to the Samsung press office for giving me the opportunity to test out this beautiful display! We rate it highly.

Video © jmgcreative

Music The Snap by © Myke Forte