Lucie Loves... Lingerie // Rosie for Autograph at M&S


I knew from the off when planning our wedding that I wanted to get something extra nice to wear as I got ready for the big day. Our bridal suite at The Belmont Hotel was utterly luxurious and I really felt the part wearing my Rosie for Autograph tile role print pieces in such a beautiful setting. 

When planning your wedding you often spend so long fretting over The Dress that lingerie… particularly nightwear, end up down the bottom of the list with little budget allocated to them. Don’t be so mean to yourself!

I searched high and low for bridal cover-ups/dressing gowns/housecoats/kimonos/slinky wraps to wear on our wedding day, but couldn’t see the point in getting something so completely and utterly bridal-looking that I’d never wear it again.

But it wasn’t just me that I was thinking about… I also looked into buying matching dressing gowns for my bridesmaids: I had visions of us looking all sexy-cute in a Kate Moss-style shot peeping out from beneath the covers of my gigantic sized bed, all tousled hair, as we got ready together… Erm? A girl can dream.


But the reality is that the cost of fulfilling such a vision was coming close to £350 to kit all five of us ladies out. I decided to cut my losses and splurge more on the bridesmaid dresses themselves instead, and I’ve no regrets in doing so - they looked gorgeous!


As it turned out, we were all so busy getting our hair and makeup done that we never had time to loll about in our dressing gowns as a big group, instead they all bundled into my suite/Salon Kerley for finishing touches and headdress fittings. 


And then I spotted the Rosie for Autograph collection at Marks and SpencerThis gorgeous, vintage-inspired nightwear has been designed in collaboration with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Now, if I could just channel a bit of that Rosie gorgeousness and confidence, I’d be one happy bride.

I soon realised that for the price of some of the pieces sold by boutique bridal shops, I could get the tile rose print chemise and wrap set. The vintage-inspired wrap has billowy kimono-style sleeves, and falls just above the knee on my 5ft 6″ figure. It also has a nifty little waist belt to make transitioning from your pjs into your wedding gown super easy and hassle free. Whilst the matching tile rose print chemise has a pretty lace panel on the front, and a rather sexy low-cut back with tie detail, and again finishes just above the knee. They are both really lightweight material, which was good as I didn’t want to overheat just after I’d had my hair and make-up done.

I now have a very nice set of nightwear to carry on living out those wedding day morning (and night - not quite what you’d imagine, but that’s another story) memories, long after the wedding has been and gone and the anniversaries start totting up.

If this pretty little coordinated number isn’t quite what you were looking for, the rest of the M&S nightwear range is pretty impressive too. 

** M&S have a sale on selected lingerie and nightwear items - whilst stocks last!**

Disclaimer: Thank you to M&S for gifting me the tile rose print chemise and wrap. I absolutely LOVE them.

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Photography by the very wonderful Amy Shore and © Lucie Kerley