Lucie Loves... Fashion // Summertime dressing in @UNIQLO_UK silk


I was asked byUNIQLO to choose my favourite item from their summer collection. However, I’ve been trying to be a more considerate shopper recently. 

Do you ever worry that our typically British Summer Time will mean that you’ll end up buying lots of lovely new summer dresses and light-weight clothing but will only have a couple of weeks to get your wear out of them?

The solution, I have found, is:

  1. Buy items that can be carried over into the next season
  2. Purchase the prints that make your heart swoon
  3. Covet clothing that can be layered up for a whole-different look
  4. Choose your colour palettes wisely
  5. Buy pieces that can transcend the seasons

I spent ages on UNIQLO’s website, pondering over what I’d get the most wear out of. Eventually, I decided to go for a beautiful dark orange, almost rust-coloured, silk sleeveless dress, £69.90. It is feather-light to wear and also smart enough to wear to work or to dress up for an evening out with friends.

I wore the dress with my Lama Peach Jenson boots, my DIY studded collar denim shirt from Primark and my Meli Melo Bags, navy Thela Bag from Young British Designers, my Anna Lou of London rose gold love locket (read my other Anna Lou of London posts here) and my River Island vintage print scarf.

Over the past couple of years I’ve amassed quite a nice selection of silk pieces. They pleasure I get from wearing beautiful fabrics, such as silk, is a feeling that returns time and time again, on each and every wear. Items from my collection are often the ones which get complimented on the most.

Maybe you exude something different when you wear it?

I don’t know.

Either way, silk is classic, timeless. An investment.

What do you think?

Photography © Lucie Kerley