Lucie Loves... Film // A bigger splash exclusive screening at Picturehouse Central Cinema 


I hadn’t been to any of the Picturehouses until a fortnight ago, seeing the utterly mesmeric, ‘The Assassin’ at Picturehouse East Dulwich. Now, after a kind invitation to contribute on Lucie’s blog, to the Picturehouse Central to see ‘A Bigger Splash’ at an exclusive screening, showcasing stills from the film and a drinks reception… fancy!

When you arrive at the Picturehouse Central, feels like an old tube station, but on closer inspection, it’s a lovely little place, filled with cool artwork, neon lights and classic cinema light box listings. There’s a café where you can grab a bite to eat, chill out and have a nice post-film discussion!

For me, the drinks reception was welcoming and I met my friend Chris there to look at some nice looking stills on showcase, but without any information, it felt perfunctory. It wasn’t until we entered the screen that we got giddy with excitement, there were bags on our seats with all sorts of stuff we didn’t need.

But then… what’s this lurking at the bottom… A DVD, YIPPEE!!!! I got ‘L’eclisse’ and Chris got ‘The Two Faces Of January’ which immediately set our expectations for the film.

There was a nice little intro, but really, we were too giddy giggling at our new nail varnish and Hush vouchers to listen, but the presentation was mainly on the aesthetic of the film and the fashion, which – for the right audience – is really rather impressive.

A Bigger Splash is good. It’s an indulgent film that looks fantastic.That is personal with its actors (none of which, leave anything to the imagination, Fiennes’ penis deserves a separate credit for itself!) but suffers from deplorable, affluent characters that made it hard for Chris and I to empathise with.

That said, the performances are very, very strong, particularly Tilda Swinton’s Bowie-esque rock star, Marianne Lane. Apparently it was her creative suggestion to have Marianne struggle to talk after an operation, a device she uses to great effect. A rambunctious Ralph Fiennes threatens to steal the show though, and has gained notoriety for his amusing dance number to the Rolling Stones, the best scene and most fun you’ll have in the film. However, A Bigger Splash does lose its way and credibility in its third act which makes for a poor finish.

I love films – mainly watching them in a well-behaved cinema, on as big a screen as possible – but what’s great about Picturehouse is it’s screenings of arty films that are shown in smaller, more intimate surroundings, the sort that one may not find in larger chain cinemas.

Thanks to ThinkJam for the invitation, I hope they get more exclusive screenings to films that don’t get such a wide release nationwide.

If you want to visit the Picturehouse, it’s late notice but I implore you to take your date this Valentine’s day to see True Romancewhich is one of my all time favourites, I promise you’ll love it!

Words & photos by Patrick Waggett