Lucie Loves...#Blogged // Weekend? Fancy a treat? Head to @pattyandbunjoe and devour one of their Smokey Robinson Burgers. MMM! We’ve tested ‘em for you  and they are GREAT! 


Patty + Bun 

Very reasonably priced, don’t be put off by the queue of people salivating outside clutching their hungry bellies… they’ll seat you in no time at all! The service is good, sound and very prompt. They don’t call it fast food for nothing eh? The handcut chips were delicious… so good that JMG was stealing mine when I looked up having been paying more attention to my delicious burger than to our conversation. Naughty me. Their homemade coleslaw is very good too, it has a hint of mint which goes down a treat. The chicken wings were nice, slathered in BBQ sauce which might be a bit much for some folks, but they are still worth a go.

Everything about this place feels right for a burger joint. From the 'slapdash hipster’ cardboard mounted sharpie pen drawings on the wall by some cool (and rather talented) street artist to the stylish pendant lamps with red flex dangling from the ceiling. I also liked the way they use brown parcel paper for EVERYTHING! Pop a Patty + Bun stamp on it and it becomes a place mat! Scrawl your opening times on it in a delightful hand-drawn typeface and it becomes a lovely door sign, or even tear a sheet off and attach it to a clip board and take table requests from the people on the street desperate to taste your brioche buns! Genius! I love that shizz.

Nearest tube is probably Bond Street - That’s the one we got off at anyway (not far from Selfridges for a spot of shopping if you fancy ogling JW Anderson’s latest Topshop collection…

Kill two birds with one stone and all that.

Patty + Bun

54 James St, London W1U 1EU

0207 487 3188

Opening times:

  • Monday - CLOSED
  • Tuesday - Thursday 12 - 11pm
  • Friday - Saturday 12 - 11pm
  • Sunday 12-10pm

Photography © Lucie Kerley + @jmgcreative