Lucie Loves... Food & Drink // #TabascoHarvest party highlights 


Here are a few photo highlights from the TABASCO®cocktail party at Shotgun BBQ, Soho, that I attended recently with James.

Not knowing what to expect from a TABASCO®-themed event, I was genuinely taken aback that it was a really fantastic evening. That being said, when you’ve got the brains of Nottingham man and master mixologist Matt Whiley, of Talented Mr Fox, Peg + Patriot and Showdown fame, doing the consultancy for your cocktail menu, you know you’re onto a good thing.

Matt Whiley created five bespoke cocktails to warm the party up:

  • Pied Piper ~ Rye whiskey, Absinthe, sugar syrup, TABASCO® sauce, Peychaud bitters, and chocolate bitters garnished with lemon oil.
  • All Hail The Harvest ~ Bourbon, Cocchi, Americano rosa, strawberry and watermelon syrup, Campari and TABASCO® green sauce garnished with orange oil and cucamelon
  • Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels ~ London Dry Gin, grapefruit liquer, raspberry shrub, sweet vermouth, and TABASCO®  habanero sauce, garnished with grapefruit zest
  • Bayou Stinger ~ Candied lemon-infused vodka, honey shrub, lemon juice, egg white, and TABASCO®  chipotle sauce, garnished with Angostura bitters
  • Rum Michelada ~ Tomato beer consommé, TABASCO® sauce and white rum

Shotgun BBQ’s Molly & Brad McDonald put on a grand show in the kitchen– feeding the five thousand food bloggers, restaurant critics, chefs and PR folk on pulled pork, torn from the cutest suckling pig, topped with TABASCO®-laced coleslaw. It was so good I must have eaten at least four buns…Whoops!

We then earned ourselves Silver Spoon status by tasting fresh pepper TABASCO® mash. IT. WAS. HOT! 

It was great to hang out with James, run into floral-shirted food photographer Paul Winch-Furness

and meet foodie legend of Where Chefs Eat*, Joe Warwick. *I NEED THAT BOOK!!

All in all, a fabulous evening. Thank you for having us. I had no idea that TABASCO® was so versatile! *adds a dash to her scrambled eggs*