Lucie Loves... Fitness // Riding with the pack at Virgin Active + my 8 week body transformation


So, this week, I’ve literally gone from about 20 to 120mph in just 6 days. Talk about throwing yourself in at the deep end! But then again, I’ve always been an all or nothing person.

When my lovely blogger friend, John aka The Everyday Man, got in touch to invite me to a spin class called The Pack at (a very swanky) Virgin Active in Cannon Street… I nonchalantly said “Yeah! Sure!” 


What is The Pack?

Basically, there are three teams… all on spin bikes… competing against one another, in four different challenges. 

Your bikes all have a small computer screen to show you just how hard you are or are not working. They’re also all hooked up to the big screen at the front. It’s basically pure gamification, which acts as a great incentive. It also makes even the not so competitive amongst us feel compelled to push that bit harder. Team spirit, eh!

“It’s a race against time to conquer each challenge and win; bolt it round the track in ‘Speed Freaks’; keep a steady rpm in ‘Hold The Line’, crank up the power in ‘Sumo’, then go hard for the ‘Big Burnout’.”

Looking back… I think I mainly accepted the invitation because I like HIM, not so much spinning.

But, nevertheless, I went along anyway!


Me, BEFORE spinning with The Pack

After just 5 days into my 8 week body transformation, I can already see my abs starting to look more defined. Read more about this at the end of the post and watch the YouTube vlog.

My relationship with spinning…

I’ve only been to around 3 spin classes in my entire life… and actually… come to think of it… I’ve I HATED every. single. one. of them. 

There are those that LOVE spin, like my mate, Roz – and get addicted to it – and then there are people like me… who sit on the bike, begrudgingly. Constantly clock-watching, and willing the 45 minutes of pain to just be over already! Because it is exactly that…


So what does spin feel like?


I am NOT exaggerating… but you will get THE BEST body and super toned bum and legs if you keep this up!

Be prepared to feel your heart race, your thighs burn and have enough sweat pour out of you to fill a small paddling pool. I really wish I’d paid attention to the screen, and looked at how many calories I’d burnt during this 45 min spin sesh… Apparently, you can burn up to 400-600 calories during a 40 min spin class!


Me, AFTER* spinning with The Pack

A proper sweaty mess… I was so grateful for the blow dry bar – and the much-needed lovely shower – to help transform me back into a normal person again afterwards.

Team Yellow, our team, led by The Everyday Man, won first place for the furthest distance travelled! Yessss!

Despite gritting my teeth through the entire thing, I did enjoy seeing a few familiar fitness & lifestyle blogger faces – The Everyday Man, The Discerning Man and Tashi Skervin – and even some new ones – Man About Town, Dan Cooper, and gorgeous girlies, peanutbutter.ellytimesunshineandwaffles. See you all again soon, I hope!

If you’re interested in trying a spin class? Find out more about The Pack.

My 8 week body transformation

I’ve just finished week 1 of my 8 week body transformation challenge, with Taz from Nine to Five and Fit and Richard from Blitz Fitness.

So, having spun my ass off, I was exhausted before/during and after my spin session. I’d already done a really intense cardio/circuits session that very morning, and was nearly sick after running 800m at full pelt, on a tread mill. This horror was repeated THREE times, with just three minutes rest between sets! Bleurgh…

It’s been five days straight, of exercising both morning and night. I’ve changed my diet too, in accordance with Richard, my trainer’s, instructions - see below:

Daily food intake:

  • 200g/ml Egg Whites
  • 300g Chicken Breast
  • 125g Raw Almonds
  • 1 x Tin of Tuna in spring water.
  • 1 x protein shake post workout
  • Unlimited Salad
  • Unlimited Veg (with the exception of root veg potatoes and the like)


  • 2kg PhD Nutrition Diet Whey
  • 2.5kg MyProtein Dextrose
  • 500g MyProtein Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • 500g MyProtein Glutamine
  • 250g MyProtein BCAA Berry Blast
  • Opti-Women Multi-Vitamins

* calculations are based on my measurements and body fat. This is so that I get the right amount of nutrients and protein, to achieve the best results possible. AND give my body everything it needs to get lean and build muscle.

If you want to hear why I’m doing this 8 week body transformation, please watch my vlog above. Please ‘like’ and subscribe too. Thanks!

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