Lucie Loves… Fitness // The Strip Series: We are Handsome Activewear and my Herbalife protein & supplements trial


A few more photos from the shoot I did for Strip Wax Bar, featuring pieces from their activewear range, shot by my talented London photographer, James Barley. Here I’m wearing pieces by We Are Handsome– an Aussie-born swim & gym brand ran by creative husband and wife team, Jeremy & Katinka Somers.

“We Are Handsome is the embodiment of a love for the beautiful things in life, the wonder of travel and the endless and abundant magic of the inspiring world in which we live.”


Since, summer 2016, when I started taking my fitness seriously again, I’ve had my eyes opened to the benefits of supporting your training with the right diet, proteins and supplements.

I was approached by Herbalife, earlier this year, to see whether I’d be interested in reviewing a few products from their sports nutrition & fitness range. Having finished my personal training programme at the end of 2016, I’d also cancelled my gym membership. Eek! However, I wanted to continue training on my own – partly due to the fact that, as a freelancer, without a steady income, I didn’t want to take on the financial responsibility of a new gym membership. Instead, I could save money by cramming in a few home kettlebell workouts instead. Well, that was the plan, anyway…

The Herbalife team were great and paired me up with inspirational Herbalife member and PT, Katie Ford. Katie found out what my fitness goals and current training regimed looked like, and then recommended a number of products and supplements to suit my needs. She also put together a great nutrition plan to get my diet on point, so that I would really reap the benefits of my training.


My fitness goals were to feel fit and strong, and to look lean and muscular without being bulky – a common misconception from when women think about lifting weights.

The Herbalife products I tried:

Katie told me to try and workout 3-4 times per week – with one of those workouts being in the form of a run. I’ve tried out a few home Kettlebell workouts now, to do with my 7.5kg kettlebell.

Best HIIT Kettlebell workouts to do at home

I decided to look on YouTube for the best 25-30 min HIIT Kettlebell workout to do at home. Here’s the two I rate most highly. If you have any others that I should check out, please drop me a link.

BodyFit by Amy

So would I recommend these Herbalife products? If money is no object, and you’re looking for supplements that taste good and do the job, I’d say “yes, give them a go.” They’re by far not the cheapest on the market, and can only be purchased through the sales reps. The quality is rated highly amongst friends of mine who are athletes, so I’d use them again. Especially the CR7 Drive drink – if it’s good enough for Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s good enough for me!


Photo: Nadine Hanssen - Athlete and Herbalife rep. 

Interested in finding out more about Herbalife?

For sales and prices speak to For sales and prices, contact your local Herbalife member

Please note, I am not a Herbalife rep. The trial was purely to test out the quality of the products on offer and were sent to me for the purposes of this review. 

Find out more about Herbalife, Strip Wax Bar and We Are Handsome

Photography © James Barley