Lucie Loves... Food //The BEST (and most expensive) steak pie I have EVER tasted @GreatQueenSt. Worth every penny


I was delighted to discover upon entering the Great Queen Street restaurant that they served pie. I am a northerner. I LOVE pie.

This restaurant is very sought after. I would recommend booking a table. We were given the name of it by a friend who had had a slap-up meal here himself and felt compelled to share his enjoyment of it. However, due to the popular nature of the place, we could only get a seat at the bar, which actually was rather nice as we had a great view into the kitchen. It was great to watch the Chef’s at work.

 So, after a quick once over of the menu and a recommendation or two from the cheery waitress, JMG and I settled our minds stomachs on a steak pie, £34, to share. We were told that the pastry - a rich suet crust - was rather filling and that we wouldn’t need any potatoes to go with it. We opted for a side order of greens, £4, cabbage tossed in dijon mustard, to balance the dish out.

We didn’t regret it.

Whilst we waited for our main I ordered a delicious Moscow Mule cocktail and some potted crab to start. I’d never eaten crab before having always been a bit put off by those disgustingly pink, artificial looking, crab sticks - but being brave - I decided to give it a go… It was very very good. It had a smooth, buttery texture and taste and side of toasted homemade bread to accompany it.

As I glanced about the room, doing a bit of people-watching, I spotted Japanese business men - mobile phones at the ready - taking photos of their very own MASSIVE* steak pie. This pie can easily feed 4 people - hence the £34 pricetag - which also reflects the fantastically tender chunks of beef it contains. 

For dessert, JMG had an espresso and I tucked into a scoop of blood orange and vanilla sorbet with a side of shortbread. Soooo good. The smoothness of the vanilla contrasted beautifully with the tartness of the blood orange, it was HEAVEN.

A must go place for all who enjoy simple food, very well done.

*There was even enough pie left for me to take home and have the next evening for tea.

Great Queen Street

32 Great Queen Street,



 WC2B 5AA 

020 7242 0622

Photography © Lucie Kerley