Lucie Loves…Blogged. part one // Behind-the-scenes at the #WeOwnTheNight @NikeUK @ELLEUK photoshoot


On Thursday I was delighted to be one of the 30 or so Fitness, Fashion & Lifestyle bloggers to attend a Nike x ELLE UK photoshoot to kick off the exclusive female-only We Own The Night 10K running campaign. 

It all started when I received an amazing email off Stephanie from Nike UK who said that she felt I was one of the people who could help change the way other girls see running.

++ Cue shocked and simultaneously excited expression on my face ++

I was immediately hooked by her flattery and decided to take her up on the challenge to create a new running culture for women like me who are not mega-fit, like to wear a pretty clothes and (occasionally) run/go to the gym  in a full face of make-up because that’s just how they roll/start the day.

My own fitness regime varies greatly.

Since moving to London 6 months ago, it took me a while before I got myself into gear and joined a gym. I was beginning to miss my ‘me-time’. As any of you girls who live similarly hectic lifestyles will know, it’s easy to get swept up into the day-to-day routine of Eat-Work-Sleep. I wanted to reintroduce a bit of time to unwind, chill out, and think about my health and mental well-being. 

Before moving to London I was exercising fairly regularly - about 3 time a week. I’d do various Les Mills workout classes at my local gym, Harborough Leisure Centre, including:

  •  Body Balance -  a fusion of Balance, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates choreographed to music
  • Core Control or Circuits - alternating between the two - which are quite similar fast-paced workouts consisting of light weights, balance balls, planks, crunches, russian twists, sprints and other core exercises
  • Body Pump - which is basically weight-lifting to music and the best de-stress session EVER.

Before I decided to join a new gym I needed to work out how much extra money and time I’d have left over each week/month after paying for travel, food, and general living costs. I then joined Virgin Active UK, it’s not cheap at £78 a month, but it is a lovely gym or should I say ’Health Club' as it likes to call itself.

At Virgin Active, I started doing a bit of straight Yoga - something I’d not ventured into before - trying out different varieties such as Hatha and Ashtanga, also known as Power Yoga. I’ve done a couple of fast classes, including TRX suspension and Kettlebells, and doing a few weakling lengths of the swimming pool. I’m a CRAP swimmer.

Haha! I’ve just been googling the definitions of various types of Yoga and up pops:

“Yoga triples the time that men last in bed.”


So, when I received the email/accepted the challenge from Nike UK, I decided to get out my old barely-used Nike '05 running trainers (yes, they are that old) and hit the treadmill at the gym - I did a post on my first early morning run experience here. I have run before, but not on a regular enough basis to build my fitness and stamina up.

At the Nike x ELLE UK photoshoot, I was delighted to receive a Nike goody bag to set me up for my We Own The Night 10K training. It included a small Nike+ Fuelband, a pair of silver/white Nike Free 5.0+ womens running shoes and a pair of black running shorts, a training diary with pre-planned dates leading up to the big 10K run event on May 18th 2013 at Victoria park, London.


Lucky me.

Gifts accepted I’ve got to do the run now.

If you fancy signing up for the 10K We Own the Night Run and running with me sign up now.

Photography © Lucie Kerley