Lucie Loves... #Blogged // My @RanieriComs Lifestyle Blogger Tech Event - Gadgets and Gizmos review ft. @CaseMate


A couple of weeks ago JMG and I were invited to the Ranieri Communications Lifestyle Bloggers event at Signal Gallery near Old Street. After a couple of hours digesting the latest technology and tasting a few delicious cocktails we left with a goodie bag each containing some pretty cool little bits and bobs.

The goodie bag was stuffed with things like iPhone 5 mobile phone cases, Bluetooth headphones, quirky telephone extension handsets for your mobile phone, iPad mini cases, a USB stick, a mobile phone desktop stand and a copy of Stuff magazine with the usual sexy woman on the cover.

We were laughing at the idea of both plugging our ‘His & Hers’ Native Union Solo Travel Phone handsets into our iPhone’s and making our daily long-distance telephone calls to one another with them. The original Solo Travel phone handset (which has a cable) is priced around £29.99, but they now also do a Pop Bluetooth handset which can be connected to your mobile phone and used as a handset even if your mobile phone starts ringing in another room.

Quite a nice idea if you didn’t want to leave your mobile phone lying around and didn’t care who it was that was trying to call you. The Pop Bluetooth is priced at around £44.99.

Also, for the past few weeks I’ve been dressing my iPhone 5 up in a cute Case Mate snap creatures dog phone case.

I love it’s little tongue and dangling bone charm.

I think they retail at around £16 or $25 and are just good fun really. I’ve dropped it a couple of times too (by accident) and the silicone/rubbery case has done well to protect it from damage. This would make a sweet little gift for someone, and would almost certainly raise a smile or two.

At the end of the evening the Ranieri team also did a prize draw. We lucky pair also won a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet and Bamboo pen! Nice! I’ve not yet had chance to give it a whirl, but I look forward to doing so. If you missed it, you can read my Ranieri Lifestyle Blogger Tech Event post here.

Photography © Lucie Kerley