Lucie Loves... Theatre // All the feels! A death-defyingly, fanny-tinglingly decadent evening at Underbelly's latest naughty little offering The Black Cat Bohemia Cabaret [REVIEW]


This week, I'm continuing on my journey of self-rediscovery and decided to do something I hadn't done in a long while. I accepted an press invitation to watch a show at Underbelly Festival, Southbank. 


Yep! Apparently, this self-rediscovery malarky is the key to mending a broken heart – as opposed to just distracting yourself in any way you see fit. It's about looking at your life, reflecting on what makes you really tick. What makes your heart sing that you just don't do enough of?

I made a bit of a commitment to myself recently to inject more art into my life. So, with that in mind, I readily accepted the invite to see new cabaret show by Black Cat: BOHEMIA.


On arrival we headed to the bar, picking up a Black Cat cocktail pour moi, and a G&T for my housemate, Lee. We were then quickly urged to take our seats. The show was about to start!

The last time I came to this venue was 4-years ago! That's four years too long, in my opinion! It was see La Soirée (Whose star, Frisky, is also the über talented MC in BOHEMIA! WHAT A VOICE!!)


As the house rock & roll band sounded the beat of the opening act, I instantly was transported back in time. London as I knew it faded away, and I was suddenly I was in the 60s listening to Jefferson Airplane's psychedelic rock. My inner hippy, flower child heart soared!!! I couldn't wait to see what BOHEMIA had to offer.

Don't you need somebody to love
Wouldn't you love somebody to love
You better find somebody to love, love
- Jefferson Airplane

The cast are multi-talented – to say the least! Acrobats with voices to rival the dawn chorus. Aerialistes with model looks and provocative moves downing shots before upturning themselves and dangling from mid-air. This is circus meets cabaret.

I wasn't joking about the fanny tingles either. They are all extremely attractive. Even my housemate Lee was salivating watching each daring act. Lithe bodies, beautiful faces, strong arms and gyrating hips... the lot! You've got to see it for yourself to believe it really. To really feel it. 



You know in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, when they have that extravagant fancy dress ball? THAT is what I'd compare this performance too! It made me want to be part of that party sooo bad!


I bet there wasn't a person in that audience who wasn't moved in some small way. Who didn't wish it was them they could dance or perform with that much prowess and stamina. Jeeez! Someone throw a bucket of cold water on me!! The venue seats 500, but the acts are so powerful, each one feels incredibly intimate in its execution. It is utterly delectable!

At one point, due to an injury sustained during the opening of one of the acts, which had to be cancelled. They quickly re-choreographed the rest of the whole show – with such finesse, that we almost wondered whether or not it was a real injury, or just another clever way of making the audience feel something. But nope! The poor chap did injure himself and I wish him a speedy recovery! I'd go and see the show again, just to find out what we missed!


If you fancy a little bit of filth on a Thursday night (ok, so maybe not even just a Thursday...) book yourself a ticket or two and see this show for yourself! You will ADORE IT!

Photography © Lucie Kerley