Lucie Loves... Beauty // My long overdue hair cut at Mahogany Hairdressing, London


Think: How often should you get a haircut? And then think again: How often do you actually get your hair cut?

So… the last time I had my locks chopped, before this recent experience, was April 2015. 


Which means that it’s been a whole 18 months without anything more than a fringe trim to tidy my ‘do. I’m a terrible person, obviously.

As you’re all probably well aware… I’m NOT a natural redhead. And so, having dyed it myself, every 3-6 weeks, for the last 6 years… the wear and tear was really starting to show. It was early December when I sat there on my bedroom floor, looking in the mirror, brush in hand, contemplating my damaged locks.

Serious neglect in having my hair cut, on my part, had resulted in my hair becoming almost elastic when wet, and great clumps of it being found it my hair brush every time I washed and styled it.

Autumn 2016 saw me go into frantic decluttering mode – I’d had enough. Something drastic needed doing.

So, I appealed for help. I sent out an SOS tweet and waited to see which knight in shining armour might come to my rescue.

Take a look at my vlog to see my journey from natural brunette to redhead (all fifty shades of it!) and find out what hair dye I use. I actually got a bit nostalgic making the video. Mainly because I had to plough through the last 6 years of my blog archive! But there were so many good memories to relive too.

I’ve also reviewed a few of the Schwarzkopf Professional Fibreplex and BC BonaCure hair care products, to see how they can also help to revive my dry and damaged hair. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the vlog, and let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see me talk about.

Thank you to LW PR Girls and Mahogany Hairdressing, London for the cut.