Lucie Loves… Tech // #Blogged | Unboxing and first impressions of Samsung’s WW9000 ecobubble washing machine.


I’d never awaited the delivery of a domestic appliance as eagerly as I did this washing machine.

Perhaps it was my inner tech geek and the fact that this new machine has more cons than the majority of people’s family cars. Or maybe it was because I was about to test-drive my very first smart kitchen appliance, in the hope that it would make my parents life a hell of a lot easier.

I should give this some context by explaining a bit about JMG and I: having worked for one of the biggest technology companies for the last ten years, he loves technology. And as a bi-product of our relationship and our joint love of design, we have both embraced tech into our lives and helped introduce our parents and extended families to its timesaving and revolutionary ways.

We once went with a storage company simply because you could operate the secure lock system with a fingerprint scanner… as opposed to just a key. They were also very well priced and had a great reputation, but you see what I’m trying to get at. If there is a tech-fuelled option or a more traditional approach, we will choose tech 85% of the time.

The washing machine was unloaded and brought into our kitchen and immediately made our old model look tired and out of date. My parents only bought their existing Bush washing machine about three years ago, but compared to the shiny new Samsung competitor it looks like something from the seventies – all knobs, buttons and dials

The Samsung WW9000 is beautifully minimal in design. Simple–in the way that smart phones are. It literally sings as your turn on the 5-inch colour full touch screen.

My first task, once it had been installed, was to try out the smart control feature. I downloaded the Samsung Smart Washer app from the iTunes app store (also available on Android) and then went through the somewhat lengthy process of registering and signing up to Samsung Smart Appliance. My Mum’s first impressions: “Stunning! It looks so modern, especially compared with the old one – and that was only three-years old. Space-age, sleek design.“

In order to do this I would advise you follow the instruction booklet carefully and make sure that you have connected your machine to your home Wi-Fi before attempting to register the product or trying to activate Smart control from your iPhone. My (plumber) step-dad’s first impressions: “Very easy to fit with easy to follow instructions and high-end fittings.”

It’s a little bit deeper in size than our old machine, due to the fact that it boasts a 10kg load capacity, 1600rpm spin and has been given an A+++ energy rating. Compared to turning knobs and pushing buttons, this machine could seem a bit daunting for technophobes, but I assure you patience will pay dividends and make your life easier in the process.

I’m keen to find out whether this machine’s incredible technology really does provide a better cleaning experience. Samsung pride themselves in ‘opening new possibilities for people everywhere’ and, on first impressions, this machine could be the key to doing exactly that.

Disclaimer: Thank you to the Samsung press office for giving us the opportunity to test out Samsung’s WW9000 ecobubble washing machine.