Lucie Loves... Travel & Lifestyle // Exploring the Airbnb x Pantone Outside In House


The collaboration between Airbnb & Pantone is one of the most exciting I’ve witnessed in some time. I’m a big fan of both brands: Airbnb for it’s ability to let you live like a local in a new city, anywhere in the world, and Pantone for it’s celebration of all things colour.

Talk about impressive interior design – this trendy east London flat had literally been transformed from an urban city dwelling into a green-themed hidden oasis. And if you didn’t already know, you do now – Greenery, is the Pantone Colour of the Year. 

For at least half of my life, I’ve dreamt of doing my own Grand Design. The Outside In House sets a brand new benchmark for my own design expectations. 

As you step inside, escaping the cold, dark side streets of Clerkenwell, you are immediately plunged deep into the heart of a foyer-cum-forest. It’s a very Hansel and Gretel sort of welcome. I half expected to be handed a loaf of bread and instructed to leave a path of breadcrumbs behind me, to find my way back home again.

From the delights of the bark-covered forest floor, and the lush, earthy entrance, we then made out way into the living area, and grabbed a couple of botanical cocktails in the rickety greenhouse – the most Instagramably green space I’d ever laid eyes on. No shelf had been left untouched. From the abundance of cacti to the little polaroid pics of Gardener Joe, to the terracotta pots with chalk-pen doodled Airbnb logos and books on wild flowers. It was stunning!

From the horticultural haven that is the living space, we then made our way down the spiral staircase to the basement bedroom and bathroom. The bathtub was a luminous green colour, complete with lily pads, a jungle of plants and a huge sink and walk-in shower.

For a limited time only, guests could book a stay here – like an other Airbnb. There are now over 500 Airbnb Experiencesavailable to book through Airbnb Trips across 12 cities, expanding to 51 cities this year.

I’ve had a couple of Airbnb experiences now. In Copenhagen – where I spent just 24 hours it was a beautiful and modern studio apartment in Frederiksberg. In Los Angeles, it was a light-drenched bungalow with garden in Hipster-haven, Silverlake. In Croatia, it was a luxury villa with infinity poolin Brac, and then last but by no means least was the incredible Belfast Airbnb I stayed in, overlooking Ormeau Park, close to Belfast City Centre and run by one of the funniest women I’ve ever met, Paula – I think she actually might have changed my view on life, in the course of a bottle of wine and a cracking conversation. What a woman!

In April 2017, I’m going on a Deep South American road trip with two of my best mates. We’ve not booked our accommodation yet, but we’re bound to be looking at hotel, motel and Airbnb options in Miami, Jacksonville,Smoky Mountains, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, New Orleans and Orlando.

If you’re thinking about staying in an Airbnb, why not use my Airbnb discount code: to get money off your first booking. What are your favourite Airbnb places to stay? Let me know!

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Photography © Lucie Kerley / James Barley