Lucie Loves… #TeamVolcanicity //Part Four | Our @Volvic_UK Valentine’s Day Challenge


After getting ourselves a little worked ‘up’ at the climbing wall and stuffing ourselves senseless with chicken, we made our way to the ICEBAR London to enjoy a rather cool -5'C of igloo-esq nightclub fun.

As you arrive you’re given a funny looking cape which is put over your head and has little ski gloves attached to it. You could tell which ones were the sensible party goers, like me, who had invested in a pair of 200 denier £9.95 tights from Boots just for the occasion. And then you had the noisy 40-today gaggle of women. Inappropriately shod, with their tickets stuck to their heads like a game of 20 questions. *rolls eyes*

We ventured inside the blue-lit room, pulled up our hoods and picked a drink from the bar menu. The clock on the wall counts down the 45 minutes that you’re allowed to party in their for. We bopped around to the music, swigged whiskey-based cocktails and grinned inanely. It was quite the experience! 

thermal igloo glass roof

My mum really wants to go to see the Northern Lights for her 50th birthday. I reckon she should try the ICEBAR first to see if she can cope with the cold. She’s hinting at us staying in these thermal igloos with glass roofs…

ICEBAR was fun! But I’ve never been so grateful for decent hosiery.

A huge thank you to Volvic for creating the best and most unsual Valentine’s Day experience for JMG and myself. We really enjoyed our Team Volcanicity challenge. 

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Photography © Lucie Kerley

Photos taken using an Olympus Stylus XZ-10