Lucie Loves… #TeamVolcanicity // Part Two | Our @Volvic_UK Valentine’s Day Challenge


We looked up the postcode and made our way to Edgware Road, not really knowing what was going to be waiting for us when we reached our final destination.

After a mad dash across London, we found ourselves on Seymour Place staring up at a sign that said Seymour Leisure Centre. We announced ourselves at the reception and were told to make our way round to the back of the building where our Team Volcanicty challenge awaited us.

Climb London’s West 1 rock climbing space.

When we arrived, a young guy called Vinny greeted us and asked if we needed to get changed or anything. Erm? Nope… we hadn’t brought a change of clothes with us. Oh dear. I was wearing skinny jeans and so was JMG. Hmmm. How would this work…

Oh well, we decided to give it a go anyway and see how we got on.

(Note: read all information given to you before embarking on said adventure…)

Harnessed up. A 13 metre tall wall of colour stood facing us. Oh sh*t.

We were told that first off we’d be learning to tie the safety knot and then we’d be making our way up the wall looming over us.

Neither of us had ever rock climbed before in our lives and so weren’t sure what to expect. The closest either of us had come was abseiling at PGL during a primary school trip. Even then I’d managed to swing around the wall during the descent… fail.

Our private rock climbing session at West 1 lasted an hour and I can honestly say it’s probably THE most exhilarating hour I’ve had in recent years. 

Once you’re up on that wall, something inside you takes over. It’s almost animalistic. It makes you think in a completely different way - feet first. It’s only when you’re about two thirds of the way up that The Fear sets in and you find that one of your legs starts to uncontrollably shake. Your brain panics that you can’t find the next foot or hand hold to secure yourself. ARGH!?! Fortunately for me, having JMG and Vinny at the bottom of the wall meant they were able to guide me to safety and I quickly made my ascent.

Once you reach the top of the wall, which is just over 40ft high, you can then slowly abseil down and then look up in astonishment as you realise what you’ve just achieved.

It made me think.

“When was the last time that I did something for the first time?”

This feeling of newness. The pure adrenaline rush. The thrill of the climb.

It was brilliant.

Our visit to West 1 was unlike any date we’ve ever been on before. It’s an incredible feeling - standing there with your heart in your mouth - watching the one you love scaling new heights. 

We’d definitely recommend trying climbing to others and would do it again in an instant! I’m now wondering what other outdoor pursuits or extreme sports we can try in London. It made us feel so alive! Our friend Rob goes regularly and describes it as “terrifying but fun!”

Spot on.

Team Volcanicity are two happy climbers…

Our adventure continues in part three

Photography © Lucie Kerley

Photos taken using an Olympus Stylus XZ-10