Lucie loves...#BloggerChallenge // Styling the man in my life with @Superdry


One for the boys…and girls.

I was recently asked to choose a t-shirt from Superdry’s vast collection that I could then coerce my man into modelling for me. Not bad eh?

“Inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003, Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring.”

After scouring through the 533 or so items online, I sent over the website link and asked JMG which of the t-shirts he liked best.

After being together for a good 5 years now, I was pretty spot on when he came back saying he liked the Superdry Grindle Contrast T-shirt, in grit charcoal best.

You see, JMG is a big big t-shirt collector addict. I have lost count of the number he’s managed to hoard/accumulate over the years. From band tee’s to branded tee’s. Streetwear to sportswear. He owns one of everything it seems. But he’d never had a Superdry one before.

He does now! 

I really like the colour grey on him, and he really liked the orange pocket detail. He isn’t one for ‘in your face’ numbered tee’s, so this is quite a good fit for him.

The Superdry Grindle Contrast T-shirt is £24.99, I decided to style it up in three different ways.

Look 1: Night out

Worn with black H&M skinny jeans and Bertie chelsea boots.

Look 2: Summer sport

Worn with a pair of burgundy Topman shorts and his favourite red and grey Nike trainers.

Look 3: Skate

Worn with a pair of baggy GAP camel coloured chinos and purple Vans. 

Photography © Lucie Kerley