Lucie Loves... Beauty // #TriedandTested Shhh! For Her Eyes Only… The Strip London Brazilian Wax


I’ve been a Northerner in London for around 7 weeks now and so I’m still finding lots of new and exciting things/ food & places to try! (I doubt that will ever end, actually… this city is MASSIVE!)

At present I’m living away from my boyfriend, with whom I lived for over 3 ½ years, and so despite there being very few ‘plus’ sides to living apart/ doing 'long distance’ (read: not picking up their pants off the floor/ removing wet towels off the bed/ not shaving legs EVERY day - my legs, not his.) Living apart means that you do seem to 1. appreciate each other more and 2. Make a bit more effort when you eventually do see one another…

And so… on that note I opted to test out Strip Wax Bar in South Kensington, splurging out on what I hoped would be a top-notch 'A-list’ style bikini wax. I wasn’t wrong.

Ok, as any of you who have ever  experienced endured any sort of waxing will know. IT IS PAINFUL!! But oh so worth it, if you do it right. And by 'doing it right’ I mean, if you are in the hands of a professional. I have had some terrible episodes where, in the hands of these so-called professionals, I have feared for the life of my lady-bits. I kid you not. 

And so… after deliberating over where I should go to have a wax… (I wasn’t going to make the school girl error of going for the cheapest place - I learnt that lesson the hard way when I left the salon recently with my massacred fringe…)

I’d previously read about the services of 'Strip' in one of my favourite glossy fashion mags… be it ELLE or Glamour or such lark? They have Boutique salons in Notting Hill, Soho, Chelsea (the one I went to), One New Change, Bristol, Essex and now Topshop Oxford Circus <– If I’d known that, I’d have gotten myself lost in Tosphop for a few hours after my appointment… The Chelsea Boutique also sells beautiful lingerie… but unfortunately NOT in my size (30") grrrr.

I don’t know whether it was the name 'Strip’, a little bit naughty, a little bit alluring, that drew me to it or the fact that they promised the very BEST of service. I must say after feeling a little apprehensive at first… there was actually no need! I’ve been to a LOT of salons for intimate waxing over the past 10 years and this is The BEST Brazilian Bikini wax I’ve EVER had!

Sharon, my therapist was fantastic. She used the fabulous Lycon (Lavender) waxing technique on me and I must say it is the LEAST painful waxing experience that I have ever had.

I’d recommend this Salon and technique to ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to treat themselves or their partner to a bikini wax, but is a little scared that it might hurt. The warm purple Lycon wax is smoothed onto the skin, allowed to set and then actually removed from the skin using the hand, NOT by applying fabric strips. I was incredible! It removed even the shortest of hairs and left me bruise and redness free. 

Ok, so it isn’t cheap. I warn you. Bikini waxing starts at £23 for a standard bikini (tidy-up) and goes unto a whopping £52 for a Hollywood, if you want it all off! First time customers get 20% off their treatment if they pick up one of the little offer postcards. I redeemed that against my Brazilian treatment (normally £49) and got nearly £10 off my treatment. 

I would describe this waxing experience as “Retail therapy for your Bikini line.”