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What @jmgcreative and I wore…

Yesterday, we wrapped up warm to spend the day together in London town. I’m continuing on my mission to dig out pieces I rarely wear to style them differently. This is the second post I’ve done on reworking old items from my wardrobe. You can read the first here.

Back in summer 2012 I bought these amazing metallic copper WALTON flatform wedges from Topshop. They were about £50, I think.

Ways I’ve worn them in the last two years…

floral skinny jeans and walton wedges
draw in light dress and walton wedges
yellow skinny jeans

with floral skinny jeans herewith my Draw In Light dress from ybdfashionherewith pale lemon yellow skinny jeans hereand with my green sequin Bitchin’ Junkfood pencil skirt here.

bitchin junkfood green sequin pencil skirt and walton wedges

French girl style…

I wondered whether I could put an outfit together that would give these wonderful shoes another lease of life. After all, what’s the point of falling in love with something and only wearing it a handful of times?

I felt ‘a bit socks and sandals’ at first wearing them over pale gold wool tights, but after a while I enjoyed having the extra height of heels and all the comfort of a flatform wedge.

I added to the look another item in my wardrobe that I’ve only worn once to a posh evening do, which was this lush forest green faux fur stole. A Topshop bargain found in a jumble sale we had when I was at university for a couple of quid! The coloured faux fur complements the multi-tonal tapestry coat (bought in the Zara sale last summer) and adds a bit of extra texture too. I love a bit of layering.

I wore an old camel-coloured beret from Miss Selfridge, to add to, what I hoped could pass as, my ‘french girl’ style. My M. Hulot tan leather Prussia satchel, a pale gold button-front mini skirt from Topshop with khaki military shirt worn tucked into the waistband finished off the look.

We found this amazing street art covering a Barclays bank outside St Pancras station. It clashed brilliantly with my outfit.

What JMG wore:

When in London, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything! Just one of the many reasons I love it here.

What do you think?

Photography © Lucie Kerley + @jmgcreative

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