Lucie Loves… Home & Tech // Review: Give your domestic goddess a break with Helpling and book a trusted cleaner


If you regularly tune into my blog you’ll know that the topics I choose to cover as just an extension of my everyday life. And my life certainly is a busy one at that. When the guys at Helpling got in touch and asked if I would like to review their cleaning service I was only too happy to give them a go.  

Helpling is a new service for finding a cleaner to come and give your home a spruce up. They have a flat fee of £10 per hour and use an online booking system to match your location with a cleaner working in your area.

Having never hired anyone to do this sort of thing before I was a little unsure what to expect and so spoke to Helpling to learn a bit more about what they do. Helpling currently offer cleaners in the following areas around the UK 

Lee from Helpling told me that their cleaners go through a thorough vetting system before being added to their list.

I asked Lee what I could expect from a first-time three hour clean for our 2-bed flat. He said that the best thing to do is to make a list of everything that you would like the cleaner to be able to cover for you in the time that they are there and also add a couple of extras in case they find they’ve finished quicker than they thought they would. Usually people ask for their bathroom, kitchen, living room and communal areas to be swept, hoovered or mopped and given a good wipe down.

We were expecting a visit from my family that weekend and so I booked our first three hour clean for the Thursday before they arrived. 

During our first clean JMG was at home as he was being measured for his suit for our wedding. He was able to find out a bit more about our cleaner, Lyne. Lyne lives locally and was very friendly. She divides her time between working as a home help for people with disabilities and was quite new to working with Helpling. She talked JMG through the list of additional cleaning products that we should purchase if we’d like her to come again next time. But in the meantime she hooked us up with some home-made solutions to get the oven hob sparkling. Brilliant. You can stock up on cleaning products before the cleaner gets there or you can pay a little extra at the beginning and they will go and stock up for you.

When my family turned up on Friday evening, after a long day at work it was so nice not to be rushing around like a mad woman tidying up our place. Lyne had done a great job.

The average booking for a Helpling cleaner is 2.5 hours - once a week, however some people just opt for once every two weeks.

Helpling also have offices in Ireland and France with more springing up all time time. 

Check out their blog for more information:

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** Thanks to Helpling for offering me a free 3 hour clean to review on the blog and also thank you to Lyne for making our first time booking with Helpling so pleasant and for doing a brilliant job at making our home gleam. It left us with more time to unwind after a busy week and spend valuable time with our visiting family. **