​​​​​​​Lucie Loves... #ProseccoMoments // Fine drinking with friends and Waitrose Cellar


Milestone events and moments worth celebrating in life are always an excuse for cracking open a bottle Prosecco, in our family anyway.

To toast the birth of a new baby, we give Prosecco. At christmas my family flocks to the supermarket to buy cases of the stuff! For my birthday, JMG’s mum bought me a bottle of Mionetto - such a treat! 

We’re currently planning our wedding and trying to work out how many bottles we’ll need for welcome drinks, a pre-ceremony tipple and for the speeches and toast.

Waitrose Cellar got in touch and asked if we’d like to sample six delicious bottles from their vast collection. And I thought: ‘why the hell not?’ All in the name of wedding research - I do like to be thorough…

We took a couple of bottles to our friend’s house-warming last weekend, popped the corks, poured into plastic beakers and danced the night away - before finishing off with a game of Twister. We can definitely recommend the Waitrose Prosecco NV, £9.49 and San Leo Prosecco Brut NV, £10.49 - you can even add peach juice to this to create a very tasty bellini!

My case of six included…

As our group of friends rapidly approach 30, we’re all moving up in the world. Be that getting new jobs, moving in together, popping out sprogs or getting married. It’s a very exciting time for everyone. And what better way to celebrate than with the friends that mean more than anything to you in the world.

What I wore…

Topshop fantasy print kimonoCos asymmetric jersey dress, Newlook metallic blue clutch bag, Topshop spike cuff x 2, and Topshop abacus open front lace boots.

Find out more about Waitrose Cellar.

Photography © jmgcreative