Lucie Loves… Hair & beauty // My weekend pampering session at Ozzie Rizzo


Living in London means that you have - at your fingertips - the very best hair and beauty experts that the industry has to offer. We’re spoilt really!

I was invited by the Ozzie Rizzo team to experience a facial by beautician Viktoria and treated to a cut and blow dry by Ozzie Rizzo himself.


The Richmond hair and beauty salon is one of two that Ozzie owns in London and is sister to his exclusive Mayfair salon.


Wanting to try something new that would make my skin look great for my hen weekend and upcoming wedding - I decided that one of Viktoria’s microdermabrasion facials was the bridal beauty order of the day. Having never experienced microdermabrasion before I was unsure as to what the procedure entailed. 

How it works… Microdermabrasion is great for people who have acne scarring or fine lines and wrinkles that they want to improve the appearance of. It’s also good for rejuvenating lack-lustre skin.

Viktoria cleansed my skin and explained that she uses diamond tip microdermabrasion to gently buff away dull-looking skin revealing a fresher, more youthful complexion. I immediately saw a difference in my skin after the 1-hour treatment and experienced no redness or skin irritation at all. The treatment was followed by a very relaxing massage and lashings of moisturiser to hydrate my skin. Viktoria told me to refrain from using any products containing a strong vitamin C for a few days after the treatment so that my skin didn’t become irritated. She also applied a layer of SPF and advised me to keep out of the sun.


Clients can see the full effects of their treatment around 4 - 10 days later. It certainly makes your skin glow. You can also book a series of treatments with Viktoria to help tackle problem skin.

Next up was my hair revamp with Ozzie. With over 25 years experience in the hair industry - Ozzie grew up and worked alongside big names like Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Christopher Brooker and his brothers: Tony and Ricci Rizzo.


In the early eighties Ozzie turned his hand to photography, shooting his own hair masterpieces and also being commissioned to capture the work of others. Ozzie also runs a training academy for those interested in learning how to create the perfect blow dry, how to cut hair or even how to become a creative colourist. And if you’re interested in fashion photography - there’s even a course on that too. 

Email Ozzie Rizzo to discuss your training requirements - they can create something bespoke to suit you.


Before and after… Ozzie took a good couple of inches off my hair to get rid of the dry ends caused by colouring, brushing and heat damage. By tidying up the ends he was able to redefine the shape. I really enjoyed my experience at Ozzie Rizzo and feel honoured to have had Ozzie cut my hair. Thank you, Ozzie.

This is my last hair cut before I get married (apart from any necessary fringe trims) so it made sense to get it looking as healthy as possible for my big day.


Here’s what my Ozzie Rizzo hair cut looked like after I’d blow-dried it myself at home and added a few waves through the front. Taking the ends off makes it much more manageable and reduced the drying time by a third.

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Photography © Lucie Kerley