Lucie Loves… A good hair day //#Photoblogged | The best haircut I’ve ever had in 28 years @TrevorSorbie


I was invited along to see Jason Lawrence at Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden, and he really did wonders to dispel any horrific images of the scissor-happy or electric-shaver wielding hairdressers that I’d encountered over the past 28 years.

I’m not known for having successful hair cuts. Over the years I’ve ended up with a mullet - mullets were not fashionable. I’ve ended up having my fringe bizarrely trimmed with an electric razor - it was terrifyingly close to my eyes!! I then ended up having to go into another salon for them to sort out this wonky look and got a slightly Betty Page new do. Joy!

In fact, I’m the girl who goes to the hairdressers and gets frowned upon time and time again. I look at them blankly when asked the question we all know is coming: “When was the last time you had your hair cut?" 

Oh? erm… 

Anyway, Jason is a marvel! He took one look at my raggedy red hair and knew just what to do to perk it up a bit. He explained that it wasn’t about lopping off loads of the length. *cue sigh of relief* All that was needed really was for the layers to be chopped into, which would then lift the hair, adding volume and movement.

My fringe had also grown out a bit too, and yes I admit it, I had been tinkering with my own set of  hairdressing scissors in an attempt to give myself a DIY fringe trim. It wasn’t too bad…

Jason set about getting my hair washed and asked for his assistant to add to it a touch of L'Oreal Chroma colour shampoo No.4, a lovely orangey/coppery colour that would make my existing colour look richer and add shine. I flipping love the head massages they give you at Trevor Sorbie - they are dreamy!

My hair is fine in texture, but there’s a lot of it and so as soon as the layers were chopped back in, it was really easy to see how much of a difference a good cut had made. Having those layers put in actually made my hair appear longer! Strange, but true.

Jason is fast becoming my favourite hairdresser person. Every girl needs a friend who’s fantastic with a pair of scissors. We nattered away about what inspires him as a hairdresser, about his lovely fiance (also a hairdresser), and about London life. I came out of that salon feeling great. Which is funny, because that’s how your meant to feel when you’ve had your hair done, but it made me realise just how many times I’d settled for a crap haircut and just put up with it. Time to put a stop to that!

Thank you to Jason and the Trevor Sorbie team for my new complimentary haircut and for making me feel at home in your lovely Covent Garden salon.

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Photography © Lucie Kerley