Lucie Loves...Drink // A tropical @VitaCoco shaped pick-me-up from @NikeUK was waiting for me when I got in from work this evening


I’ve been working hard to get myself in shape and race-day ready for the upcoming Nike 10K run at Victoria park, East London.

I literally only have 18 days left now until the big event on 18th May. Arghhhhhh! I’m determined to finish it and in a time that I am happy with.

This challenge is for me.

I’ve never ran this far before and it’ll be interesting to see how my body, legs, feet, mind and beetroot-red face cope.

On a plus note, I did hit my daily fuelband *goal today - after going for an 8km run at the gym this evening after missing my Monday training slot - my overindulgent weekend got the better of me, so I swapped my rest days around.

It’s great to get perks like this cool little package. You know what I’ll be slurping all this week.

*pops them in the fridge to chill*

Thank you Nike UK. x

(* In case you were interested… 3000 was my fuelband goal and I achieved 3810! Woo hoo! I only really hit/exceed my 3000 goal on a very active day. It just shows how bad sitting on your arse all day in the office is for you.)