Lucie Loves... Links of London // All I want for Christmas is a beautiful timepiece 


You get to an age when you start thinking more seriously about the quality of the things you wear. A few years back I was lusting after a Casio gold number, but my craving soon passed and I settled for a very lovely Nixon instead.

I’ve been drawn to all things rose gold/copper for a while now. When I spied the Richmond rose gold plate case chronograph bracelet watch from Links of London it was love at first sight! When it first arrived I needed a few links removing to make it fit properly: I take after my mother - I’ve got skinny little wrists. Initially made in Switzerland, Links of London have stores dotted all over the UK. My nearest store is in Richmond (what a coincidence!) It only took about 15-minutes to get the strap resized with the additional links tucked carefully into a little velvet pouch - should my wrist fatten up in future, after all this rose gold chronograph watch is a keeper. 

I took the watch out for its inaugural outing at our local pub, the Tap on the Line. It looked rather striking even when wearing something as simple of this basic white Alchemist tee by Draw in Light.

Take a look at Links of London and see which of their watches catches your eye - it’s not too late to add one to your Christmas list!

Photography © jmgcreative

*This post was brought to you by Lucie Loves with a very pretty watch kindly supplied by Links of London*