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Monday 11th – Sunday 17th April 2016

I have to admit that only in the last few months have I actually begun to enjoy a glass of red. Prosecco and I go way back, but red wine has always been on the periphery and only consumed with a mixture of fruit and orange juice. So I have a lot of missed time/glasses to make up for; which is why I am excited to introduce the Seven Days of Malbec at Gaucho.

As the UK home and champion of the Argentine Malbec, restaurant group Gaucho will be celebrating this grape variety with ‘Seven Days of Malbec’.

Culminating on Malbec World Day on April 17th, Gaucho’s special wine evenings will run from April 11th. Boasting 84 Malbec varieties under one roof (more than anywhere else in in the UK!) that are all exclusive to Gaucho, they will be showcasing the unrivalled quality of the Argentinian grown Malbec grape through special wine tastings that have been especially designed by Phil Crozier, Gaucho’s Director of Wine, also known as ‘Mr Argentina’.

Spanning a number of their restaurants across London and the North, Gaucho’s wine-tasting events will provide an opportunity to absorb the incredible knowledge Gaucho and Crozier have to share.   You can also learn more about the past, present and future of Argentinian Malbec as well as the differences between the styles of Malbec wines which reflect the region and soils in which they are grown.

On the opening day of the Seven Days of Malbec, Gaucho Charlotte Street will host ‘The Shock of The New’, a tasting to introduce you to a new breed of winemakers with edgy, lean and mean Malbec wines unlike others you may have tasted. A celebration of old and new will continue at Gaucho Broadgate on April 13th, with ‘Old School Vs New School’ where the new generation of super cool wine makers who are causing a stir in Argentina will have their wines tasted alongside the traditional winemakers, all paired with delicious Gaucho dishes.

Other tastings will showcase some of the oldest vineyards in the world, which happen to be in the stunning region of Mendoza, Argentina, where Gaucho has its own vineyard. There will even be a Malbec and Chocolate tasting which allows guests to enjoy a combination of regional Malbec wines with different styles of chocolate to complement each of them.

The events sound perfect for a Malbec beginner such as myself, along with any wine connoisseurs who want to deepen their knowledge, or quite frankly any one who enjoys a glass of red wine!  The list of events and dates are below and for further information or to book a wine tasting event visit:

I’m looking forward to attending and sharing my thoughts afterwards - who knows the experience might convert me to the dark side.

Wine Tasting Events

*Wine dinner *excluding, Gaucho City, Gaucho Broadgate Gaucho Chancery Lane and Gaucho Smithfield

Words by Karis