Lucie Loves... Theatre // Review: Flew the Coop at new Diorama Theatre, A Lost Watch Theatre Company Production 


It’s a shame how some of the best love stories of all time get overlooked. Tales of men and women, risking their lives for love, going unnoticed and getting forgotten about. 

This week I witnessed one of the best fringe theatre shows on the London scene; Flew The Coop is a celebration of a great love story, based on true events set during the 1940s. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never heard of the play’s two lead characters: Rosa Rauchbach and Horace Greasley. But within the space of an hour, as I watched the story unfold, I learnt so much about them – and the events that took place during 1943 – that I knew instantly I had to share their story with you.

I was invited to the Wednesday night showing as a guest by the New Diorama Theatre. The theatre is in a great location, just a two minute walk from Warren Street tube, and they are constantly showing great productions by small theatre companies. 

The last show I saw was three years ago… I really need to get myself to the theatre more and, as an ex-drama student, saying that out loud makes me hang my head in shame! 

The show is inspired by the true story of Silesian translator Rosa Rauchbach, who – along with her parents – had to hide her identity, and take on a new one as German citizen, in order to save her own life. Horace Greasley, the British prisoner of war, who escaped over 200 times to see her – romantic right!?! 

As their feelings developed, and with the war was coming to an end, they had to decide on their future. What I loved most about this show was the fast pace that it held as well, as the comedic elements that were executed with precision. I didn’t once lose concentration or my place within the story. The cast were well connected, and the limited use of props was a genius idea: brooms that became guns. Tin cans that were speakers and headphones. 

The show was created by by The Lost Watch Theatre Company and written by the leading actress, Rianna Dearden. The company formed in 2013, and they can be found flitting between London and Reykjavik, making the sort of work that takes their fancy at the time. Alongside Rianna there’s Olivia Hirst and Agnes Wild (both also in the show, giving amazing performances!)

As a company, they have created three award-winning shows based on honest, gripping stories, with no set rules in terms of style or content. Flew The Coop is their fourth show. 

I recommend this show to anyone in London looking for a top quality theatre production at an affordable price; all I will say is, be quick, the show is selling out fast and ends its run on 4th March.

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You can also follow them on Twitter: @lostwatchTC  @newdioram

Words ~ James Barley

Photography ~ James Barley / New Diorama Theatre