Lucie Loves... Hankering after all things leather @topshop // A few lusthave pieces…


I love things that are a literally ‘a walking work of art’. This painted leather skirt is incredible! I’m not sure what I want to do more… frame it or wear it? But either way, it has definitely caught my eye.

As many of you who follow my blogging, on a regular-ish basis, will have guessed, I adore TAN leather and so my decision to include the vintage luggage in this list is a bit of an obvious one.

I am also really craving this leather pinafore dress at the moment, and I’m keeping my fingers (and rest of limbs) crossed that it will still be available (read: will have gone into sale), in January when my lovely family will have hopefully gifted me some Topshop or Selfridges vouchers… (pleeeeeeease!!!)

I caved in and bought the Zara embroidered front peplum earlier this year after missing out on purchasing the oxblood/ wine coloured one from H&M. I adore the intricate detailing on the cut-out leather shell top and think this could look quite special worn over something rather plain or perhaps sheer, if you’re going for full-on sexy.

The black leather T-shirt and leather T-shirt dress are both equally divine! I guess the dress would be more wearable… you could layer stuff over it, perhaps a chunky wool jumper? and get away with it looking like you were wearing a leather skirt. Nice!

I saw a stunner of a woman recently in the Cat and Mutton pub on Broadway Market, Hackney, East London, who was wearing a fantastic Sunday outfit which consisted of a tight black leather midi pencil-skirt, into which she had tucked in a really simple and slightly sheer (in a cool/ not slutty way) plain white t-shirt, and had finished the look off with slightly dishevelled 'I’ve-just-rolled-out-of-bed-with-my-gorgeous-boyfriend’ sunkissed brunette long locks and a slick of red lipstick whilst keeping the rest of her make-up pretty neutral. She looked hot! That is a look I’d like to try… first I need to buy myself a niiiiiiice white t-shirt and then spend a few hours perfecting the 'natural make-up’ look. Haha!

From top:

Premium Painted Leather Skirt, £95, Topshop

Black Leather T-shirt Dress, £120, Topshop

Black Leather T-shirt, £85, Topshop

Premium Leather Cut-out Shell, £75, Topshop

Navy or Black Leather Pinafore by Boutique, £125, Topshop

Tan Vintage Leather Luggage, £120, Topshop

I tried the Topshop pinafore on in a size 8 and that fitted very nicely! (Just in case you want to buy it me Mr McGovern…) I’ve been a very good girl this year.