Lucie Loves… Beauty // #Triedandtested | The Guinot Hydradermie facial at Regis hair & beauty, Debenhams


Skincare has always been a huge priority for me. From the age of 13 my Nan repeatedly told us how important it was to moisturise everyday in order to look after your skin and stave off wrinkles.

I’m very lucky that I’ve inherited almost trouble-free skin from my parents. Over the past 20-odd years although I’ve been fortunate to escape acne, I do tend to get the odd spot once a month prior or so, but apart from that it’s pretty ok.

At around the age of 16 I started experimenting with sunbeds. When I went on holiday I longed for deeply tanned skin and would avoid the higher factor suncreams in favour of tan-intensifying oils. When I turned 21 I started to get a bit wiser as to just what damage I was doing to my skin. I put a stop to the sunbeds and swapped my bottle of SPF2 Malibu for factor 15 (a big step for me) and then a couple of years later, I upped it further still to factor 30 following a sun damage consultation at sk:n. I now use foundation which contains an SPF and always wear a high factor on my face when on holiday in summer.

When Regis got in touch to ask whether I’d like to try one of their facials at their Regis salon in Debenhams London, I said yes and made an appointment for one evening after work. It felt so good to escape the busy hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, to sneak up to the third floor of Debenhams where Regis have their salon. I was greeted by Beautician Tamara - a font of knowledge when it came to answering my skincare questions and providing information about the Guinot Hydradermie facial that I was about to experience.

I find that beauty treatments, such as going for a facial, are hugely relaxing and a great way of treating yourself. I’m 12 weeks away from our May 2015 wedding and the wedmin and project management side of things are starting to take their toll. I was feeling a little under the weather when I went for my facial and so it felt amazing to just lie down for an hour and get properly pampered. 

When combined with a good diet, healthy lifestyle and good skincare regime facials can work wonders for your complexion and help combat signs of ageing, dullness and dehydration.

Tamara, having worked for regis for around 10 years, is passionate about the results that this facial can offer her clients. The Hydradermie facial in particular uses double ionisation - positive and negative charges that rapidly penetrate the skins epidermis and allow for deeper moisturisation. The treatment also uses oxygenation and a lovely relaxing massage to brighten the complexion and plump it up a bit.

My skin felt visibly brighter after my treatment and I felt well and truly relaxed. The effects of the facial were visible for a couple of days after the treatment too.

To make an appointment for a Hydradermie facial check out the Regis salon locator for details of your nearest salon.

Thank you to Regis for inviting me to try out the treatment. 

Photography © Lucie Kerley