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I’ve partnered with Twinings tea for Go Natural Week, to look at how little changes to our daily habits can enhance our way of life. Anyone who’s visited our flat will know that I’m a huge fan of tea. If there aren’t a minimum of four different flavours in my cupboard, then it’s a poor show!

During my fitness transformation last autumn, I was drinking 2.2 litres of water on everyday. I definitely felt more alert cutting down on caffeinated drinks. However, running your own company has a number of pros and cons: you make up your own hours, take holidays – as and when you want. You can enjoy all of the freedoms that being your own boss brings.

But… it also means that you have to go out and find work for yourself, pitch new projects and ideas – and, ultimately, never switch off! And… you have to sort out your January tax return too… which is just tedious… and often requires A LOT of coffee!

Each January, with the arrival of a brand new year, comes resolutions that many of us will find hard to keep. I decided to take part in Go Natural Week to see whether I could incorporate more 100% natural products, like Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions, into my day. Whether that’s natural drinks, natural products or natural activities – Go Natural Week is about finding activities that make you feel good – inside and out.

On Monday, I looked at my week ahead – and the tasks that I needed to tick off my to do list – and sighed a little, with despair…

I decided, to break up the joy of filing my expense receipts, I would make a conscious effort to create little happy moments in my everyday. I decided to swap my morning coffee for a Twinings fruit tea – a 100% natural and easy alternative to feeling good everyday – and test out some of the high-protein breakfast pouches, that I’d been sent to try from FUEL10K. Having never tried Quark before, I was surprised at home similar it was to Greek yoghurt, and quite filling too!

First steps to injecting more joy taken, I was propelled into action and so made sure that everyday had a moment that would make me feel good. 

Each morning, for Twinings Go Natural Week, I loaded up my bowl with fresh fruit: strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and then squeezed on my ‘flavour of the day’ Quark. I played around, trying the vanilla pod & honey yoghurt, adding a sprinkle of rolled oats and a squeeze of honey. It was delicious, filling and contained no artificial colours or sweeteners. The perfect side-kick to my Strawberry & Raspberry tea. On a cold winter morning, this summery drink brought a smile to face. I know people say that certain scents awaken your sense memory, and this tea, for me, did just that.

Since over-indulging (just a tiny bit) during the festive period, having a naturally sweet, caffeine-free alternative (with less than 4 calories per cup) has been a good distraction. Especially, as the first week of Jan saw me continually wanting to crack open the box of leftover Christmas chocolates.

I was sent four different flavoured herbal teas to try: Strawberry & Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Blueberry, Lemon & Ginger and Mango & Strawberry. Twinings has a team of 9 Master Blenders who blend every single flavour of Twinings tea – they use their knowledge to pair the all-natural ingredients together and taste the teas every step of the way to ensure the best quality infusions. 

What I got up to…

Monday ~ Cook dinner for friends. I whipped up a healthy chicken and veggie pie from scratch, served with sweet potato and leek mash. James came over to bring the photos he took last weekend, when he’d visited Windsor to review a hotel. Both conscious of how much celebrating we’d done over Christmas, we decided to forgo the wine, and have a mug of Lemon & Ginger tea each instead. (Our livers screamed thank you!)

Tuesday ~ Switch off, Chill out & Escape into a fantasy world. I went on a cinema date with my friends, Mel & Patrick to watch (read as: sob my heart out at) ‘A Monster Calls’

Wednesday ~ Celebrate a friend’s success. Took a trip to Notting Hill, to attend my friend Claire Harcup’s children’s book launch - check out my post: ‘This is the Kiss’

Thursday ~ Get active & try something new! I signed up for a double workout class: Boxing Get FIT not HIIT™ session, followed by BoxingYoga at Total Boxer, Hornsey. (Today I can barely life my arms! It was such a good workout, and the yoga class afterwards, meant that everyone of us left feeling so chilled!) I finished off my evening by going to a photography exhibition with a friend. It was breath-taking to see how the #WexMondays photographers captured mother nature – in all her beauty – week after week. Be sure to check it out, if you’re a fan of photography! A huge amount of care and attention had gone into capturing those images.

Friday ~ Treat yourself to sushi and a movie!

After a busy week, I knew that I needed to get home, put on some of my favourite music, have a singalong at the top of my voice, and get work done! After hours spent in front of a screen, (with only a few well-timed breaks to top up my mug of tea) I ordered sushi and then settled down to watch a film. The Choice (It’s a bit of a tearjerker! Not as good as The Notebook, obvs, but still worth a watch if you’re feeling like a sap!)


It’s competition time! Are you a big fan of Twinings tea? Have always eyed the colourful boxes up on the supermarket shelves, but been too scared to take the plunge and pop one in your trolley? 

Take the Twinings Go Natural Week Challenge, for a chance to win a selection of Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions teas for FREE!


Comment on this post below, on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know how you will take part in Go Natural Week. 

Q. What is your ultimate cheat day treat? The more devilish the better! Winner will be selected at random.

Do you think that you could seek out 100% natural alternatives to your go to foods, drinks or activities? Take the Go Natural challenge and see how you can bring more happiness and nature into your home.

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